Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz launches a new charity food truck

The consummate good guy, Carson Wentz continues to prove why he’s one of the best people in the NFL with his new charity food truck Thy Kingdom Crumb.

With all of the very divisive rhetoric surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles and their now-canceled trip to the White House currently dominating the headlines, sometimes, it’s nice to focus on the positives, and so far this month, no one has placed the team’s name in higher regards than their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz.

After the rousing success of his ‘Audience of 1’ charity softball game at Citizens Bank Park, which saw starting left guard Stefen Wisniewski win the home run derby contests, Wentz’s name is already back in the headlines with his newest charitable venture: A free food truck called Thy Kingdom Crumb.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In a partnership with The Connect Church, Thy Kingdom Crumb will “freely distribute quality food to help people experience the unconditional love of God in a tangible manner” around the City of Brotherly Love, and presumably at each of the Eagles’ eight home games at Lincoln Financial Field.

Now say what you will about the viability of the truck’s business model, as giving away food for free may seem a bit unsustainable, but the sheer fact that Wentz identified an issue is his own adoptive backyard, namely that according to, one in five Philadelphians suffer from food insecurity (as first reported by, and used his inflated stature to make a tangible difference in the lives of the city’s less fortunate.

Truly inspiring stuff.

So while a small, but vocal segment of the internet has called the team’s character into question, with Fox News going so far as to run pictures of players kneeling in prayer as an explanation as to why the White House visit was cancelled (with the show’s anchor, Shannon Bream laterttps:// issuing an apology and retraction for the erroneous claims), it’s nice to know that Philadelphia Eagles are doing good in their community, even if it generates far fewer headlines.

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