Philadelphia Eagles: Donald Trump makes false claims about Super Bowl champions

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After uninviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House, Donald Trump followed up with a tweet making false claims about the Super Bowl champions.

Whether they like it or not, the Philadelphia Eagles are all of a sudden the topic of discussion surrounding Donald Trump’s battle with the NFL after the president decided to cancel the team’s White House visit on Tuesday.

Sure, the argument can be made that the Eagles brought the cancelation upon themselves since some reports came out saying there weren’t even that many members planning to go, but it’s still a shame to see all of this unfold the way it has.

Some professional athletes spend their entire careers hoping to earn that opportunity for an invite to the White House after winning a championship, and as bad it sounds, some athletes feel the honor hasn’t been the same since Trump came into the picture. Otherwise, Philadelphia wouldn’t be in this current position of being the center of attention surrounding this national anthem policy.

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Trump hasn’t held back when it comes to venting his frustrations towards the NFL, as many believe a big reason why is due to his failure to purchase a team way back in the day. But with all due respect to the President of the United States, Trump can at least do his research before trying to call out the Eagles when it comes to “disrespecting the flag” during games.

As mentioned by numerous fans and reporters that follow the Eagles, the team never knelt for the national anthem or stayed in the locker room (that was the Pittsburgh Steelers). Players like Malcolm Jenkins may have raised a fit to protest police brutality while Chris Long would place an arm on his shoulder to show support, but it’s a known fact that no member of Philadelphia kneeled or stayed in the locker room during the national anthem when it was the regular season.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion about Trump, but when seeing how many times he lies on a daily basis when his statements are fact checked, nobody should be surprised to see him try to go after the Eagles like this.

If only Trump had taken the few extra minutes to ask or simply do his own research in regards to how Philadelphia “protested” last season, this latest mess surrounding one of his latest tweets simply could have been avoided.

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Then again, when knowing how much Trump loves being the center of attention, the fact that he’s the popular topic of discussion at the moment with the Eagles probably makes him extremely happy.