Philadelphia Phillies: Jake Arrieta has every right to be frustrated over lack of offense

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

As harsh as Jake Arrieta’s recent comments towards the Philadelphia Phillies were, the veteran pitcher has every right to feel frustrated from the team’s recent series against the San Francisco Giants.

When seeing how the two teams compare on paper, the Philadelphia Phillies looked like they were going to have a favorable matchup this past weekend against the San Francisco Giants, that is until the series officially got underway on Friday.

Between having to travel across the country to facing the Los Angeles Dodgers before the Giants, the Phillies knew deep down their west coast trip was going to be far from easy.

In fact, it was impressive that Philadelphia was able to split that first series of the trip against Los Angeles since they had previously come off a tough series against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Unfortunately, the Phillies discovered a way to hit a new low in their series from over the weekend against the Giants by only scoring one run in three games, which came on Sunday from Jake Arrieta.

Speaking of Arrieta, the veteran pitcher has found himself in some hot water since Sunday’s embarrassing 6-1 loss for some recent comments about how bad of a series Philadelphia played against San Francisco, but also he has a point.

Yes, Arrieta may not have displayed the strongest performance after allowing five runs in six innings of work, but it’s not like Philadelphia’s offense was any helpful on their end. The fact that Arrieta’s home run was the only run scored by the Phillies over the weekend against a Giants team with a record below .500 at the moment is the perfect shows how horrendous the offense was, and there’s no way to defend it.

An offense with players like Cesar Hernandez and Carlos Santana should have little trouble recording at least a few runs each game for the Phillies, but here they are coming off their most embarrassing series of the season.

To make this situation even more frustrating, Philadelphia is preparing for what should be another tough matchup on the road against Arrieta’s former team in the Chicago Cubs.

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If the Phillies want to continue being one of the teams to beat in the National League along with keeping the NL East race close, they better figure out a way to overcome these offensive woes. Otherwise, this surprise successful season in Philadelphia could quickly become another year consisting of frustration while finishing near the bottom of the division, which would be such a disappointment.