Philadelphia 76ers: Joel Embiid provides classic responses to Bryan Colangelo story

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After the bombshell story about Bryan Colangelo broke, it was only a matter of time before Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid chimed in on the matter.

On a night that was supposed to be a celebration of the Philadelphia 76ers rewarding Brett Brown with a three-year contract extension he clearly deserved, the unfortunate popular story in the City of Brotherly Love involved president of basketball operations, Bryan Colangelo.

Thanks to an investigative article conducted by The Ringer, it turns out that Colangelo may be in some hot water with the organization for running five Twitter accounts without the knowledge of anyone, although he’s denied the report since its release late Tuesday.

So why exactly is this story making all sorts of headlines to draw all sorts of frustration and anger from Sixers fans?

Well, it turns out these Twitter accounts potentially used by Colangelo were used to criticize Philadelphia players like Joel Embiid or Jahlil Okafor, and even would question the coaching staff at times.

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Even more concerning, private medical information about certain players that the public didn’t even know may have been released from some of these accounts, which is why this is a huge deal if it does end up being true that Colangelo was involved.

Seriously, give the article linked above by The Ringer a good read, and it’s easy to understand why there are a lot of Sixers fans freaking out over this bombshell of an article.

Sure, Colangelo is denying any knowledge behind this at the moment, but this story isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, and could very well end up being a major distraction for Philadelphia until questions are answered.

Not only could a controversy like this make potential free agents want to avoid signing with a team like the Sixers, but it’s safe to assume a lot of the players aren’t going to be happy about the news either, as Embiid wasted little time tweeting about.

Knowing Embiid, there’s a good chance these tweets were done in a joking matter since these kind of reactions are normal for him on social media, but also the All-Star center has every reason to be upset as well. Colangelo may have denied the report to Embiid, but as the Sixers star also said, all he can do is believe him until proven otherwise.

For a team that was finally moving in the right direction after winning 50 games this past season while advancing to the semifinals of the playoffs before falling to the Boston Celtics, a story like this could be devastating for the Sixers if it ends up being true.

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Playing the waiting game may make the situation even more frustrating for Philadelphia, but until all of the facts comes out and Colangelo proves this story is false, that’s all the team can do in the mean time.