Philadelphia 76ers: LeBron watch will have to wait after Cav’s Game 7 win

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

With the Cavaliers now heading to the NBA Finals following a Game 7 victory over Boston, LeBron James watch will have to wait for the Philadelphia 76ers.

At this point, is there anyone better than LeBron James.

Surrounded by arguably the weakest supporting cast of his 15 year NBA career, James seemingly willed his team to the NBA Finals for the eighth straight year, in a visceral 87-79 victory that saw the player affectionately known as King James play all 48 minutes of action, in route to a 35 point, 15 rebounds, and nine assist double-double.

Good news for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but bad news for the Philadelphia 76ers.

As anyone with even the most casual interest in Philly sports already knows, the City of Brotherly Love is absolutely enthralled with the idea of bringing the NBA’s best player to town in hopes of finally returning the team to the Finals for the first time in almost 20 years.

Now, that speculation will go on into June.

While Cleveland is essentially playing with house money at this point, as virtually no one seriously expected them to make it past the Toronto Raptors in the Semifinals, let alone out of the East in general, this extra week-plus of action could have an effect on James’ future moving forward, and may sway him away from Brett Brown‘s squad.

After taking down the upstart Boston Celtics, James and his Cavaliers will have to take their collective talents West, to either face off against the Golden State Warriors or the Houston Rockets, and reintroduce themselves to that conference’s unique brand of basketball.

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Though only time will tell if Cleveland will have to see James Harden and the Rockets in the Finals or Steph Curry and the Warriors, both teams are built around a collection of versatile 3-and-D scorers, willing to allow lanes to the basket to keep teams away the three, and that’s a style of play Cleveland hasn’t seen in all the way back in March. After only completing 32 percent of their 3-point attempts against the Celtics, the Cavaliers’ bully ball playing style may once again fall short to the more finesse playing style of their Western foes.

But if you can’t beat them, why not join them?

One of the three destinations James has flirted with going to for next season has been Houston and if the Rocket do end up losing to Golden State in their next game, Mike D’Antoni and company may fight even harder to bring the King to the Lone Star State, as he could be a Kevin Durant-esque closer to help take out their conference rivals. Say what you will about Philly’s talent, and their ability to potentially run the East, but in 2018 it’s hard to argue that the Rockets don’t give James the best chance to win, especially if they can keep their current core together.

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While this is all essentially speculation at this point, the NBA Finals could have a big impact on where he decides to play next, whether that be Philadelphia, Houston or back in Cleveland, but after watching the King absolutely dominate the Celtics almost single-handily it’s fun to imagine just how different the Semifinals would have gone had LeBron James been a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.