Philadelphia 76ers: Wentz and Embiid show new sides through adversity

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Two of Philadelphia’s biggest stars– Carson Wentz and Joel Embiid– suffered injuries this season. Their responses to their individual setbacks speak volumes.

What a comforting thought it is that, for the next decade plus, the two most talented players in the NFL and NBA respectively may reside in Philadelphia.

Carson Wentz and Joel Embiid continue to prove why Philly snatched the two studs near the summit of their drafts.

Wentz’s 2017 season ended prematurely, but not before chalking up an 11-2 record and tossing 33 touchdown passes. Embiid followed suit, averaging 22.9 points and 11 rebounds per game en route to the Philadelphia 76ers first 50-plus win season since 2000-2001.

Despite their herculean efforts, both Wentz and Embiid started their postseasons on the bench due to injury. Obviously, Wentz missed the entire postseason run.

Embiid’s eye injury kept him sidelined for games one and two of the playoffs. The all-star big man made his triumphant return to the Sixers lineup Thursday night, as the Sixers raced ahead of the Miami Heat in the fourth quarter en route to a 128-108 road win.

What was said

Both superstars made public their feelings on their unfortunate injury timing of late.

In a press conference, Wentz spoke on potential jealousy towards Nick Foles, who quarterbacked the Philadelphia Eagles to their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

“You gotta fight that that,” Wentz said. “It’s human nature to want to be on that podium, to be that guy. You grow up wanting to do that as a kid but to not be able to be up there I wouldn’t rather have anybody else be up there than Nick.”

Although for a much shorter time than Wentz, Embiid sat out the first two games of the Sixers quarterfinal series. The Cameroonian used Instagram to voice his displeasure on the sidelines.

“(Expletive) sick and tired of being babied,” Embiid wrote.

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What this means

Although both comments came in separate mediums and contexts, the messages remain the same.

Both stars want to help their teams win badly.

The timing of these messages carry extra significance. Wentz didn’t utter his quote in the immediate window following the Super Bowl. He hinted at his desire to be on the podium months after the championship, showing that the QB has no desire to cause distractions in the locker room.

As for Embiid, his post came after the Sixers lost their first game in over a month. As Philly drubbed opponents in his absence, Embiid never made a comment of such magnitude. Once Philly dropped a game, Embiid made his displeasure as salient as ever, proving it pained him to see his teammates fall in defeat.

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Behind Wentz’s quiet demeanor and Embiid’s gregarious personality lies more than just a burning desire to win. Through the timing of their comments, both stars exhibited an implied respect for their teammates.

Unfortunately, injuries are a by-product of sports and happen to the best of athletes. When injuries do occur, it’s essential to spin the injury into a positive situation.

Through his knee injury, Wentz said in his press conference, “I learned a lot about humility and just trusting the Lord and the process.”

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That last part sounds familiar, doesn’t it?