Philadelphia Eagles need to be cautious over Carson Wentz aiming for Week 1 return

ST PAUL, MN - JANUARY 29: Carson Wentz
ST PAUL, MN - JANUARY 29: Carson Wentz /

Even though Carson Wentz seems determined to be ready to go for Week 1, the Philadelphia Eagles need to be extra cautious with their beloved quarterback.

Despite being Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles will enter the 2018 season with a ton of questions in need of answering, especially at the quarterback position. As everyone knows, one of the biggest questions surrounding the Eagles has been whether Carson Wentz would be healthy enough for Week 1 next season, and unfortunately it’s still way too early to know that answer.

It would be one thing if Wentz suffered the torn ACL early on during the 2017 season, but the fact that the injury didn’t take place until December shows why there’s so much uncertainty. Without question, Wentz could very well end up being completely ready to go by the time that first game against the Minnesota Vikings rolls around, but also Philadelphia is smart enough to be cautious about the situation.

Even if Wentz made it clear on Tuesday that his goal is still to be ready to go for the opener, there’s still a lot of uncertainty since it’s only been fourth months since the injury took place. As bad as it sounds, the Eagles may not even have an idea about whether Wentz will be ready to go until the preseason actually arrives, which is fine.

One of the main reasons why Philadelphia wasn’t jumping the gun to push for a trade involving Nick Foles this offseason was for this exact reason since the Super Bowl MVP will be ready to fill in for Wentz if needed. Not even the possibly of acquiring an extra first-round pick for Foles would have been worth it for the Eagles since the uncertainty surrounding Wentz’s return seems way too risky.

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For the fans and teammates that have gotten to know Wentz over the last few years, seeing the quarterback’s competitive mindset of wanting to be ready to go for the opener shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. Only time will tell when it comes to whether Wentz will actually be ready to go for that big game against the Vikings, but no matter what, at least Doug Pederson and the Eagles will be smart when it comes to making sure their quarterback doesn’t push himself too much.