Philadelphia Eagles: Watch Jason Kelce’s passionate speech to fans at parade


Without question, Jason Kelce gave the most passionate speech to fans at the Philadelphia Eagles parade after winning Super Bowl LII.

Philadelphia Eagles fans have been waiting a long time for a parade in the City of Brotherly Love in honor of the team’s first Super Bowl win in franchise history, and there’s no question the event lived up to the hype on Thursday when looking at all of the passionate fans that showed up to celebrate. Despite all of the doubts surrounding this team when looking at all of the key injuries they had to deal with ranging from Carson Wentz to Jason Peters, the Eagles believed all along the team still had what it takes to win the Super Bowl, and the most exciting thing is, Doug Pederson‘s squad seems to be just getting started.

Numerous members of the organization ranging from the front office to the actual players made numerous comments throughout the celebration how this Super Bowl victory was just the beginning in what will hopefully be the first of many to come. Scary thing is, Pederson and Howie Roseman have done a fantastic job at building this team well enough where this could in fact be just the beginning of numerous Super Bowl wins.

But for now, Philadelphia is just going to celebrate that first one, as words can’t even describe how everyone is feeling after the team pulled off the unthinkable by winning the Super Bowl, despite being underdogs in all three playoff games. And while there were numerous great speeches from members of the Eagles throughout the celebration, nothing tops the one provided by Jason Kelce, as fans can see in the video below. Not to mention, Kelce was by far the best dressed on the team as well.

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Kelce is just another example of how fired up Philadelphia fans are over this Super Bowl win, and the argument can be made the Eagles star certainly topped Chase Utley’s speech from 2008 when the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. It’s amazing how after all of the doubts and negativity surrounding this team throughout the season, the Eagles are finally champions at least, and they certainly deserve this amazing feeling. Better yet, here’s to hoping Philadelphia will be even better next season to potentially make another run at defending their Super Bowl title.