Philadelphia Eagles fans should love Jeffery’s Super Bowl LII guarantee

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(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery made a bold statement by guaranteeing his team was going to win Super Bowl LII.

With the way the Philadelphia Eagles earned a trip to Super Bowl LII after defeating the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings as underdogs despite playing at home, there’s every reason in the world to believe Doug Pederson‘s team has what it takes to defeat the defending champions in the New England Patriots. In fact, if there were anything to takeaway from the last few weeks, it would be the Eagles seem to be playing their best football as underdogs, and they will approach this game with the same mindset as their meetings against the Falcons and Vikings.

Back in December, most football fans seemed to give up on Philadelphia since the chances of this team having what it takes to make a run at the Super Bowl after replacing Carson Wentz with Nick Foles seemed like an absolute long shot. And even though there were still concerns towards the end of the regular season, Foles deserves plenty of credit for stepping up when the Eagles needed him the most in the postseason to put the team in position to earn their first Super Bowl title if they can defeat the Patriots on Sunday.

As Foles showed in the NFC Championship against Minnesota, Philadelphia is loaded with plenty of weapons for the quarterback to work with on offense, including Alshon Jeffery. Back in the offseason, the Eagles made it a priority to build a better offense around Wentz, and when looking at all of the other teams expressing interest in the wideout, convincing Jeffery to come on board for a one-year deal was one of the best moves from free agency.

By choosing the Eagles, Jeffery made it clear that he felt confident enough in this team having what it takes to make a run at the Super Bowl. And while Jeffery has been taking some heat for recently guaranteeing that Philadelphia would be bringing the Lombardi Trophy to the City of Brotherly Love, fans should embrace in what the receiver is saying.

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Eagles fans have been desperate to see this team finally win their first Super Bowl title in franchise history, and despite all of the struggles in the injury department from this season, one of the main things to love about this team is how much confidence they still have in one another. So when Jeffery makes a bold statement that involves guaranteeing a Super Bowl win, this just adds to the list of reasons why Philadelphia fans are so in love with this team.