For Eagles to be successful, Foles needs to limit turnovers

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Losing Carson Wentz as a playoff run was approaching wasn’t ideal for the Philadelphia Eagles, but they aren’t out of the race yet. Things look much different with Nick Foles at quarterback, but if he limits his turnovers he could surprise a lot of people.

The Philadelphia Eagles have had too good of a season for it all to be over just like that after an injury to their quarterback. Since the Carson Wentz knee injury, the Eagles have looked off, and that is to be expected. Nick Foles is a very different quarterback, and the offense has to adjust to his style of play. With the defense stepping up in the absence of Wentz, Foles doesn’t need to be a world beater in order to win.

A big injury to a franchise player is never ideal, but at least Foles was able to get some game reps before the playoffs. He didn’t look sharp, but the one thing he excelled at is keeping the ball in his team’s hands. It’s obvious that Foles can’t do the things that Wentz does that make him so unique, and defenses guard the two completely different because of this. With this in mind, Philadelphia will have to rely more on the run game and clock control more than usual. And to keep the clock running, they will need the football.

In his three starts this season, Foles has only thrown two interceptions. The Eagles are going to be a new team once the playoffs begin and with some of the best defenses in the league still playing, Foles needs to be on top of his game in order to give the Eagles a fighting chance. Now a defense first team, Foles can be the unexpected engine that keeps the car from breaking down if he plays his role right.

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The Eagles are one of the best teams in the NFL for a reason when looking at everything this team was able to accomplish during the regular season. They have fought off major injuries all season, and their current situation with the playoffs is no different. Other areas of the team will have to step up, but Foles shouldn’t be counted out at quarterback. If Foles is able to hold onto the ball and not give other teams chances, the other Eagles stars should be able to overcome the hole Wentz has left.