Should the Eagles activate Sidney Jones for the playoffs?

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(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) /

With the playoffs quickly approaching and the secondary struggling, should the Philadelphia Eagles Sidney Jones in for the playoff run?

When the Philadelphia Eagles invested a second-round draft pick in stud cornerback Sidney Jones knowing they wouldn’t get much, if anything, out of him this season due to a torn Achilles.

The pick was geared toward the future of the position, with the team hoping to pair a healthy Jones with young playmakers Ronald Darby, Jalen Mills, and Rasul Douglas for years to come. Now, with the first seed in the NFC locked up and the playoffs coming soon, Jones is at the point where he can play, but the question needs to be asked whether the risk is worth the reward of bringing Jones back so quickly.

With such a dominant defense, it’s hard to pinpoint one area of weakness, but all season the secondary has been under scrutiny. The group has stepped up most of the year, but in recent weeks, they’ve shown a lack of star power. Now Jones is by no means a star just yet, but he has potential to be one in due time.

Having to rely on average cornerbacks to cover opposing team’s star receivers hasn’t hurt the Eagles too bad yet, but the playoffs are where the stars come out to play.

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Jones would have been a lock to be one of the first cornerbacks selected in the 2017 NFL Draft, his athletic abilities are off the charts and the Eagles realized he would be a steal in the second round if he recovered.

the time will come to see if Jones really can be a true difference maker on Eagles’ defense, but right now just isn’t the time. The defense has stepped up all year in the wake of injuries, and the loss of Jones from the beginning is no exception.

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In the Eagles case, it’s better to be safe than sorry with their potential franchise cornerback, and while having his help in the playoffs would make things a bit easier, having a young, healthy cornerback at 100-percent for years to come is what the team needs to be focused on.