3 keys to victory for Eagles against Rams in Week 14

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Philadelphia Eagles Nelson Agholar

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2. Be Aggressive on Offense

One of the issues from the Seattle game last week was that the Eagles came out of the gate way too conservative on offense. They seemed scared and a bit intimidated of their surroundings. When a team is playing not to lose, rather than to win, then they are setting themselves up to lose.

The Eagles are one of the best teams in the NFL because of their aggressiveness, which has been their calling card this season. Going for it on fourth down and taking shots downfield are what has made this offense so explosive. None of that was anywhere to be seen in the first half last week.

Because of their conservative style on offense in the first half, the Eagles were forced to push the foot on the gas in the second half as they saw themselves fall into a hole. This caused them to press a bit more, which caused some crucial mistakes like the goal-line fumble.

When the Eagles were finally more aggressive in the second half, the results showed. They moved the ball and found the end zone on a drive that had two very long passes to Nelson Agholor. They out gained Seattle in the second half because they went back to what has made them so successful.

On Sunday against the Rams, the Eagles need to come out aggressive. Work the ball down the field to some of Wentz`s top targets, and maybe take a deep shot early to set the tone. Also, if it is fourth down in that “no man’s land” territory or a 4th and 1, I would like to see Doug do what he has done all season and not even hesitate to go for it.

The Eagles need to set the tone early against a good Los Angeles team and force them to play from behind. Philadelphia has not had to play from behind much, and we saw last Sunday what happens if they are forced into that situation.

Dictating the tone and showing that you are in control will be key in having the offensive success that the Eagles have come accustomed to in 2017.

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