3 reasons 76ers should be frustrated over Jahlil Okafor trade to Nets

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Here are three reasons why the Philadelphia 76ers have every reason to be frustrated over the Jahlil Okafor trade to the Brooklyn Nets.

After all of the trade rumors dating back to last season, the Philadelphia 76ers finally completed a trade with the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday involving former first-round pick and Duke star Jahlil Okafor. Along with Okafor, the Sixers sent another former first-round pick in Nik Stauskas and a future second-round pick in 2009 in exchange for Trevor Booker.

As exciting as it is for Philadelphia to add a talented player like Booker into the mix of what has been a successful 2017-18 season for the most part, there is still a little frustration over this deal with Okafor. In fact, there are many who believe the Sixers were robbed in this deal, but also, the team has no one to blame other than themselves for being in this position to begin with after taking numerous factors into consideration.

Keep in mind there was even brief periods of time last season in which numerous teams expressed interest in Okafor, and even though it’s tough to determine what some of those offers may have been, chances are Philadelphia most likely would have received a lot more than a player like Booker. With the trade official, here are three reasons why the Sixers should be feeling frustration over the deal that sent Okafor to the Nets.

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