LeBron James is big fan of Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 19: Carson Wentz /

With the Cavaliers in town to take on the 76ers, LeBron James discussed on Monday how much of a fan he is of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

As most sports fans in the City of Brotherly Love are still feeling good about the Philadelphia Eagles recent win over the Chicago Bears in Week 12, the main focus on Monday will shift to the basketball side with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in town. Even without Ben Simmons over the weekend, the Philadelphia 76ers were still able to come through with an impressive win over the Orlando Magic to improve to 11-7 on the season.

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The Sixers will know more later in the day on Monday as to whether Simmons will be healthy enough to play against the Cavaliers, but either way, fans should be in for quite an entertaining day. And even though Philadelphia fans will view James as the enemy one tipoff gets underway, it’s tough not to love his recent comments in regards to Carson Wentz.

Over the years, James hasn’t been shy about his love towards the Dallas Cowboys, so hearing these positive comments about a player on the Eagles is always enjoyable to hear. And when seeing how impressive Wentz has looked this season while leading Philadelphia to a 10-1 record, it’s easy to see why King James is so high on the start quarterback right now, just like the rest of the city.

By tossing 28 touchdown passes with just five interceptions through 11 games, it’s easy to understand why Wentz is arguably the favorite to take home the MVP honors when the time comes, assuming the Eagles quarterback continues to play at this high level. And if Wentz manages to lead Philadelphia to a deep playoff run, or even the Super Bowl, at least fans know James will be watching as well after hearing these recent comments.

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With that being said, the Eagles and their fans realize the team still has a long way to go before thinking that far ahead. But when seeing how impressive this team has looked over their last nine games, it’s kind of tough not to get a little excited since it’s been a long time since Philadelphia was relevant in the NFC playoff picture after all those years of struggling.