Sixers: J.J. Redick’s role moving forward


J.J. Redick was a huge free agent signing for the Sixers. Could this be the start of Philadelphia being a Free Agent destination?

J.J. Redick is set to make an astounding $23 million this season with the Sixers. To put this in perspective, J.J. made $7.3 million last season with the LA Clippers and has made just over $55.5 million over his 11-year playing career.

This is a huge payday for Redick and a lot of money for the Sixers to give on a one-year deal. What really comes along with this price tag?

Redick mentioned on his podcast, The Chronicles of Redick and his documentary, “The Process”, that this will be the first time he is going to be treated as the go-to veteran on a team. The 33-year old shooting guard will face new challenges on and off the court. Redick is coming from a team which has plenty of talent in the latter part of their career instead of a team stacked with players just a few years removed the collegiate level.

The $23-million price tag comes with the expectation of responsibility. Bryan Colangelo, a guest on Redick’s podcast, reiterates that the team is paying a premium to secure his talents and his leadership. Colangelo also mentions that he would not be surprised to see him in a coaching role in the future. We may see some on the fly decision making and player-coaching from Redick this season.

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During his documentary, Redick stated that he wanted to play for a team nearby his residence in Brooklyn. With Philadelphia being just a few hours south, the Sixers must have been enticing to him. He expressed interest in finishing his career with the Sixers – but what would that cost the team?

The Sixers are not likely to offer Redick a similar salary after his current deal expires. Instead, J.J. may be looking upwards of a 50% pay cut to stay with the team. As Colangelo mentions paying a premium for Redick, he will most likely use that money as leverage to offer a lesser deal with more years included.

Let’s hope that J.J. decides to stay and re-sign after this season. If the rest of the team is producing at an efficient level, there is no reason for them not to retain their talent.
Before getting too ahead of ourselves, we need to remember that this season will have a lot of moving pieces. The Sixers will be trying to really find their identity and it is going to take time. Two of the five starting players have never played a game of NBA basketball.

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But let’s take this season one game at a time. J.J. Redick is a Sixer and will have all the open looks from beyond the arc that his heart desires. What more can we ask for – except a LeBron James signing next off season…