Philadelphia Union: The Ole Onionbag (mailbag) week seven

Another week and the Philadelphia Union are still in search of their first win of the season. It has to come soon, right?

The draw to LA Galaxy would have been an acceptable result for the Philadelphia Union in a vacuum but sadly, draws don’t inspire hope in a 15 game winless streak. The lack of hope is pervasive in our mailbag as well, which you will see below.

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Let’s take a crack at this week’s questions:

Tallahassee Union: There is a disconnect between the Union’s midfield and the lone striker How does Philly try to fix this because Alberg isn’t cutting it.

This is a tough one because a motivated Roland Alberg is the best player on this team. The issue is the motivation part and the fact that he’s a scoring 10, not a creative one. Until Adam Najem is ready, the spot is his but with him in the center, the onus needs to be on the wings to create chances for CJ Sapong. With 12 combined assists from Fabian Herbers and Chris Pontius last year, that was being done.

This season those two have combined for only three assists. With no one on the team picking up their slack it has led to a steep decline in chance creation and proper service for CJ Sapong. With no real upgrades available at the attacking positions at this time, this is one to watch during the Secondary Transfer window.

Liam McCorry: Do you think there are any major personnel changes needed on the field to try and get that first win?

The one personnel change that I’ve been calling for is the benching of Ilsinho which happened in Los Angeles thanks to illness. Outside of that, I think that the best starting 11 that the Philadelphia Union can put on the field has been playing for the past few weeks. And yes, this includes Ray Gaddis over Keegan Rosenberry at this time. Without a formation shift, there isn’t much else that can be done.

Ricky Zellefrow: How would you rate a Union game as a possible destination for a date?

This is a tough one because it depends on your personal conduct at Philadelphia Union games. When things are going well in Chester, the waterfront makes Talen Energy Stadium a truly unique environment. Add in amenities such as the alehouse and puppies and Talen can be a fun place for you and your date.

But you have to take into account your usual behavior attending soccer matches. Do you yell unsavory things during the game, do you possibly drink one beer too many during the match? Then it may not be the place for a date. Otherwise, a soccer match can be a perfect place for a date.

Dooper Scooper: Does Elliott seem like the outright best CB on this team right now? He kinda looks the part

Let us begin with the fact that Jack Elliott is a young prospect and we shouldn’t start up the hype train. with that being said THE JACK ELLIOTT HYPE TRAIN IS LEAVING FOR CHESTER! GET ON OR BE LEFT BEHIND!

Apologies for the reaction there but it is nice to talk about the biggest bright spot of the season so far. Elliott’s positioning and passing have been impressive to me but I’m going to have to leave you with a teaser here because I’m working on an in-depth piece about his performance. Check back later in the week 🙂

Mike Bonfanti: The Beard [Richie Marquez] is drawing interest (allegedly) from Atlas in LigaMX. (1) Any chance the rumors are true, and (b) what’s the xfer fee?

The rumors that Mike is referring to were broken by Kristian Dyer and are laid out below.

A source said that Marquez, set to turn 25-years old in May, is being tracked by several teams overseas. Most notably, according to the source, Mexican club Atlas is among those showing interest in the defender.

While there is no backing to Dyer’s report outside of an unnamed source this could be legit. If Marquez was on a more prominent team than the Philadelphia Union, transfer rumors would have begun to follow him a long time ago. With his performance recently, Atlas and any other teams tracking him may be giving things a second thought before putting pen to paper. Also, rumors will not be confirmed by the club as it has become a steel fortress since Earnie Stewart has taken over.

For example, my staff and I turned into french translators to talk to sources close to Nantes for the latest on #BedoyaWatch2k16 but we were unable to get a peep stateside. As for a transfer fee, I’d see something around 1.5 million dollars as a fair range. Blake has the highest value on the team at between 3.5-5 million so 1.5 seems about fair for Marquez.