Sixers’ Top 5 Moments of 2016

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Ish Smith Sparks The Sixers

So, technically, this was in the last week of 2015. The Sixers traded to reacquire point guard Ish Smith in a move to spark a weak backcourt and notch their first win.

It succeeded, as the Sixers went 7-9 in Smith’s first 16 games back with the team. He’s return was incredible, as he averaged over 14 points and seven assists per game.

The revival brought back a new excitement to the team. His arrival was enough to avoid infamous history, and the Sixers didn’t break their own loss record.

Ish Smith had a strange tenure with the team. He’s been back and forth with the Sixers, but his net impact was positive. His return also monikered its own timeline. “B.I.” or before-Ish, and “A.I” or after-Ish, was often used to bring up team differentials from the first half of the season to the second.

Smith’s second tenure lasted yet another half season, but a half season that avoided infamy for the organization. Pretty amazing that one guy can change the course of history, one way or another.

It could be argued that Ish Smith’s return will become one of the most important moments of 2016 for the Sixers. The psychological impact that was brought with his return helped sparked an exciting run in otherwise laughable season.

It may be forgotten in the future, but many will remember Ish Smith as the player who helped the team avoid a single-digit win season.