Sixers’ Top 5 Moments of 2016

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As the new year approaches, we’ve decided to look back at the top 5 Sixers moments of this past year.

The Sixers haven’t been the brightest spot in Philadelphia sports the past few years, and this year was a trying one for the organization still looking to build a roster of stars through the draft.

Not only did the team endure the tail-end of a historically bad ten win season to kick off 2016, but they also saw the resignation of revolutionary general manager Sam Hinkie.

Hinkie’s departure marked a new era for Sixers basketball. One that was questioned immediately. When Jerry Colangelo first joined the Sixers’ organization, many feared that he would eventually try to weed out Hinkie and bring in his son, Bryan Colangelo.

Alas, it happened and the believed “end of the process” was here. Or so it was believed. The debut of key players and the falling into place of draft picks have now put the Sixers’ rebuild in a positive light, however and the team.

Still, with the organization in a better state, the team still has a lot of questions to answer. The outbursts of Nerlens Noel about his unhappiness with the big man situation has put the Sixers at the forefront of criticism once again.

The organization is still in a fragile state in their rebuild. With many problems to sort out, it’ll be interesting what 2017 brings to the table for Philadelphia. Before looking ahead, it’s nice to look back.

2016 brought moments that the Sixers organization will never forget. Moments that could change the course of this organization down the line.