Sixers Christmas Wish List


The Sixers Christmas Wish List is broken down, because Holidays!

 It’s the Holiday season, and usually at this point Sixers fans are drowning in enough sadness to eat a human race for centuries. But not this Holiday season. There’s no more waiting for The Process, because The Process is here in the form of stud rookie Joel Embiid. Embiid is the Santa Claus of Philadelphia, giving the city of fans dunks, crowd dives, and, most importantly, hope.

The Sixers are standing at 7-22 heading into Christmas Day. They’ve turned from disgraceful bottom-feeders to a rebuilding team the rest of the basketball world can get behind. It’s a little odd, the sudden change of perception. It could be the departure of Sam Hinkie, or the fact Embiid has been as good as advertised and is proving Hinkie’s method at least somewhat successful. Nonetheless, the future once again looks bright for the Sixers.

That being said, there are undoubtedly a ton of items on the Sixers’ Christmas wish list, but let’s state the biggest ones.

They Want…Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is the next very big piece to the rebuild. For how amazing Joel Embiid’s return to basketball has been, Simmons’ debut alongside him will be what the Sixers yearn for the most. Simmons is the complementary star to Embiid. An unselfish passer who specializes in driving to the rim, Simmons will finally spur the offense for the Sixers and solve the “point guard” problem plaguing the team since Jrue Holiday’s departure.

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They Want….A Resolution To The Nerlens Noel Situation

The Nerlens Noel story has been broken down in every way possible. Here’s the quick summary of it all. The Sixers drafted three centers in three drafts, all whom were perceived top prospects at the time. Noel played well his rookie season, but failed to see progression in year two next to rookie Jahlil Okafor. Sixers fail to trade any centers. Joel Embiid got healthy. Noel told the media the Sixers need to figure this mess out. Noel gets hurt. Comes back. Doesn’t play enough. Tells the media he doesn’t play enough. Oh, and he’s due for a payday after the year.

Now that you’re all caught up.

The Sixers must find a home for Noel before February’s trade deadline. Getting some sort of value from the talented rim protector will be a way of coming out of this pit of fire with some bumps and bruises, and not totally destroyed. Portland, Toronto, and Boston have been popular destinations many have placed Noel, but the small window is getting even smaller. Any sort of resolution, whether it’s figuring out a realistic rotation or trading Noel, would allow the Sixers to move forward.

They Want….A Healthy Joel Embiid

For how much everyone awes at a 7’2 man fly into the crowd, the Sixers are hoping for a healthy and cautious Embiid. He’s in position to take home the Rookie of the Year award unanimously, and continues to stun the basketball world while on limits restriction. He’s the unquestioned centerpiece of this rebuild, and the team will do all it can to preserve his career and make it a lengthy one. Joel Embiid is a franchise changer, and the team sees that in him.

They Want….Wins (But Not Too Many) and Lakers Losses (But Not Too Many)

Wins are always good. 20 wins have been an elusive goal for the Sixers the past few seasons, so reaching that would have some real significance. At the same time, the goal of the rebuild is to accumulate the best assets possible, and the Sixers claiming the top spot for the second year in a row would solidify the promise of this rebuild. Markelle Fultz seems to be the consensus top pick, and his play fits Simmons well as a combo guard. Ensuring he gets pulled in by the Sixers is still priority number one. Tank Tank Tank!

But let’s not forget the Lakers wrinkle. After a scorching hot start. the team started to fumble in many ways, but mostly due to injury. They now have the seventh worst record in the league, and owe the Sixers their pick if it falls out of the top three. The Sixers would hope the season ended as it stands today. The Lakers comfortably outside of the top three and the Sixers comfortably in it.

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It’s a season of giving. But the Sixers will be hoping to take advantage of some opportunities that could propel this rebuild forward.