The Road to 30+ Wins for the Philadelphia 76ers


The Philadelphia 76ers are onto this upcoming season with a lot more talent, and they should be winning a lot more games.

For those wondering exactly how the 76ers could possibly win more than 30 games, a prescient forecast shows the way.

I recently suggested that the 76ers would win greater than 27.5 games this season despite many prognosticators suggesting it was a great bet to take the under on the Vegas total.  The primary basis for this perspective is the belief that the 10 wins from last year is not a good baseline for comparison.

Starting at the 18-19 wins that Brett Brown was able to cobble together the preceding two years, and looking at the talent increase suggests a higher win total is probable.  How will they get there?  I am glad you asked.

DATEOPP.W?How does it go down?
26-OctOKC8:00 PML0Not as good without Durant, but tough matchup and still better than 76ers.  The first thought that comes to mind watching the gaem – These rookies might be good.
29-OctAtl12:30 PML0Took a step back & interesting match up with Howard v 76ers.  We will get a W from them, but not this one.
1-NovOrl7:00 PMW1Not a good team last year, and didn’t really improve. Like the Matchup, Simmons cuts down on the turnovers as Sixers get first W.
2-Nov@Char7:00 PML0Charlotte is the prototypical ‘stuck in the middle team’  Above Sixers for now, but not for long.
5-NovCle7:00 PML0Someday, but not yet.  The Lebron- Simmons game-in-the-game is fun to watch
7-NovUtah7:00 PML0Utah is legitimately a squad on the rise.
9-Nov@Ind7:00 PML0Indy still solid, though not elite.
11-NovInd7:00 PMW1And Sixers take the back end of a home and home.
12-Nov@Atl7:30 PML0Lost at home, and going to lose away.  But its closer this time, and Howard looks vulnerable.
14-Nov@Hou8:00 PML0D’Antoni offense meets improved Sixers D.  Interesting matchup but Sixers O is not able keep up yet.
16-NovWash7:00 PML0These games are much closer all of a sudden.
17-Nov@Min8:00 PML0This one is circled on the calendar.  The matchups will matter for years and the Wolves look good.
19-NovPho7:30 PMw1But Phoenix sure doesn’t.  Center-centric team vs guard-centric team.  Sixers win an ugly one and Colangelo Sr. observed rooting for the wrong team.
21-NovMiami7:00 PMw1And Miami without Bosh looks very, very vulnerable.
23-NovMem7:00 PML0Memphis executing and all business.
25-NovChi7:30 PMw1Chicago really misses Thibs and Rondo is looking (and playing) unhappy.
27-NovCle1:00 PML0Lebron is still Lebron, but many are wondering what will happen to the City of Cleveland when this run is over.
28-Nov@Tor7:30 PML0Toronto a solid squad, and determined to show BC what they can do.
30-NovSac7:00 PMw1Kings are not a solid squad, and Sixers are determined to show them what they can do.
2-DecOrl7:00 PMw1Orlando still struggling to come together as a team, and Embiid/Noel do a great job on Ibaka.
3-DecBos7:30 PML0Boston a beast in the east, but not good enough to hang in the west. Horford would be better as a PF.  Maybe revisit Okafor?
5-DecDen7:00 PMw1Denver’s last second miracle from last year isn’t repeated this year.
6-Dec@Mem8:00 PML0Damn.  Here comes Memphis again.
8-Dec@NO8:00 PMw1Sixers have some fun in the Big Easy.  No Holliday is no picnic.
11-Dec@Det6:00 PML0The Drummond- Embiid battles will be epic, but experience wins this one.  The Cameroonian Nightmare needs a better nickname.
14-DecTor7:00 PML0Toronto still getting it done.
16-DecLAL8:00 PMw1Lakers have a future under Walton, but Sixers have something to prove, and now have more talent.
18-DecBrook6:00 PMw1Brooklyn thinks ‘wait till next year!’  Wait, nope, never mind.  “Fast and Loose” is gaining some traction as a nickname for the team.
20-DecNO7:00 PMw1Philly gets their first season sweep with tough D smothering NO’s shooting and banging inside.
23-Dec@Pho9:00 PMw1Sixers rotate all three bigs in and just keep working the Pick and roll.
26-Dec@Sac10:30 PMw1Simmons is starting to come into his own.  Boogie can not wait to get out of town.  And it shows.
29-Dec@Utah9:00 PML0Yep.  Utah is a solid squad.  Simmons makes first 3 pointer of the season.
30-Dec@Den9:00 PML0Denver paying more attention after early season loss, and home court and good shooting gets them the win.
3-JanMin7:00 PML0Conversation beginning about who you would rather build a team around – KAT or JoJo.  Minn gets this one.
6-Jan@Bos7:30 PML0Tough one in Beantown, but optimism abounds as Sixers are playing them tough.
8-Jan@Brook12:00 PMw1Brooklyn is not very good.  Philly holds their collective breath as Embiid rolls his ankle.  X-rays are negative, and he is day to day.
11-JanNY7:00 PMw1The Knicks offseason moves are looking more and more questionable.
13-JanChar7:00 PMw1Sixers get one against a distracted Hornets team.  The Big Peace plays a few minutes and looks okay.
14-Jan@Wash8:00 PML0The toughest stretch of the season starts on the road, and the Caps run and score in this one.
16-Jan@Mil3:30 PML0Greek freak shows Simmons how to do it.  But Simmons is clearly paying attention.
18-JanTor7:00 PML0Toronto STILL getting it done.
20-JanPort7:00 PML0Blazers trip east and Evan Turner trying to show why he got the big contract.
21-Jan@Atl7:00 PML0At least its not snowing in Atlanta.  Howard looks pretty slow against Embiid, but Hawks too much
24-JanLAC7:00 PML0While clearly a step below the best in the west, Clips still pretty solid.
25-Jan@Mil8:00 PML0Buck gets a win, but all of Philly happy that Bucks took Parker over Embiid.
27-JanHou7:00 PML0Houston O starting to gel.  So are Sixers, but still work to do.
29-Jan@Chi7:00 PML0Chicago is not starting to gel, but really need a win.  And get one.
1-Feb@Dal8:30 PML0Big losing streak having an effect, and now on a road trip.  Dallas can get it done at home.
2-Feb@SA8:30 PML0As can the Spurs and Pop in second game of back to back for the 76ers.  Back page of the Daily News is Embiid and Duncan talking after the game.
4-Feb@Miami7:30 PMw1Miami is beautiful in early Feb, and Sixers break the streak.  What will Heat do at deadline?  And what will 76ers do?  Rumors are flying.
6-Feb@Det7:30 PML0Wow, Miami to Detroit is like a cruel joke.  In more ways than one.
8-FebSA7:00 PML0Oh, hey Pop.  Good to see you again.  I guess.
9-Feb@Orl7:00 PML0And on the road again for another back to back.  Magic still ticked about early season losses.
11-FebMiami7:30 PMw1We’d rather be in Miami, but still happy to see Heat.  Whiteside not the same without Bosh.
13-Feb@Char7:00 PMw176ers Big 5 lineup – Simmons, Henderson, Covington, Saric and Embiid exploiting some matchups.
15-Feb@Bos7:30 PML0All the focus is on the trade deadline and will a deal get done?  Boston gets it done but focus in on Ainge and BC conversations.
24-FebWash7:00 PML0Caps looking stuck in the middle, but still looking down on Sixers.  Avery Bradley has a great game for Sixers.
25-Feb@NY7:30 PMw1Hmm.  Noah and Rose out with injuries.  Who could have seen that coming?
27-FebGS7:00 PML0Warriors are good, but not other worldly.  Sixers put up a good fight.
1-Mar@Miami7:30 PMw1There are real questions about the future of the Heat, and Riley.
3-MarNY7:00 PMw1NY still playing a couple men down.  Carmelo has a great night, but does it for the Clippers.
4-MarDet6:00 PML0It’s a loss but the battle at Center was epic.
6-MarMil7:00 PML0Well at least we aren’t in Wisconsin.  First Lady Jill Biden is in attendance.
9-Mar@Port10:00 PML0I don’t know how they lose, the west coast games are too late for me these days.
11-Mar@LAC3:30 PML0Paul still knows how to play.  Simmons watching closely.  Highlight was Embiid D’Andreing D’Andre.  Its the Play of the Day on every sports station.
12-Mar@LAL9:30 PMw1Simmons, Sixers front court have their way with the Lakers.  Mosgov signing may have been a mistake.
14-Mar@GS10:30 PML010:30?  10:00 Isn’t late enough?  Trust me.  We lost.
17-MarDal7:00 PML0Nowitzki officially passes baton to Barnes and Matthews then limps off into sunset drinking a Metamucil
19-MarBos1:00 PML0In the first rematch since the trade, Okafor arrival allowing Horford to move to PF looking like a genius move.
20-Mar@Orl7:00 PMw1Elfrid Payton was a good miss, Hezonja wasn’t.  Sixers pull out a close one.
22-Mar@OKC8:00 PMw1OKC without Westbrook is  a shell of the team it was but we all knew he was going to LA eventually
24-Mar@Chi8:00 PML0Chicago is battling Charlotte for the 7-8 seed and gets a much needed win.
26-Mar@Ind6:00 PML0Indy is cruising towards the 5 seed and gets it done.
28-Mar@Brook7:30 PMw1Brooklyn is fading towards the 1 pick and could use Harry Giles.  Boston will probably take Jackson though.
29-MarAtl7:00 PMw1Howard looks pretty old, and Simmons- Noel pick and rolls make him look slow. Hawks are deep though.
31-Mar@Cle7:30 PML0This just in.  Lebron is good, and Cleveland is gearing up for the playoffs.   Boston’s new front line will give them a run though.
2-Apr@Tor6:00 PML0Toronto is good too, but its all for second place.  Golden State was slow out of gate, but looks unstoppable now
4-AprBrook7:00 PMw1Don’t worry Nets fans.  3 years of being terrible will go by before you know it.  Trust us.
6-AprChi7:00 PML0Chicago is good enough for Sixers, but Boston will handle them in playoffs.
8-AprMil7:00 PMw1Bucks are a nice young team.  Who would give a lot to be the 76ers or Wolves right now.
10-AprInd7:00 PML0Indy stuck in the middle too.  5 seed in the playoffs, facing Memphis in the first round.
12-Apr@NY8:00 PMw1At least the Knicks have their own draft picks, and only 3 more years of Noah.  Now, how about Rose?

And the final tally is 31 wins.  You heard it here first.

Jul 10, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Philadelphia 76ers forward
Jul 10, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Philadelphia 76ers forward /

The Final Standings –

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports /











Golden State

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports /

San Antonio

LA Clippers






NBA Finals

Golden State over Boston 4-1


  1. Lebron James
  2. Kawhi Leonard
  3. Russell Westbrook

Rookie of the Year 

More from Philadelphia 76ers

  1. Joel Embiid
  2. Ben Simmons
  3. Kris Dunn

Brett Brown is mentioned in discussions for Coach of the Year, but it goes to Brad Stephens.

Brian Colangelo win his third Executive of the Year running away.

Ping Pong Ball Winners

1 – Brooklyn – Conveys to Boston

2 – Phoenix

3 – Lakers – will they stay in top 3?

4 – Sacramento

The balls bounce the right way, and the Sixers end up with the 3rd (Kings Pick Swap) and 4th (Lakers) picks in the draft.

The top picks in the Draft are:

Boston Celtics – Josh Jackson

Phoenix Suns – Harry Giles

Philadelphia 76ers – Markelle Fultz

Philadelphia 76ers – Jayson Tatum

With plenty of cap room, and free agents expressing interest in coming to Philly, the Sixers and Celtics appear destined to dominate the east for the next decade, and the West is no longer looks like a dominant conference.

Next: Sixers Will Start To See Young Core Fail/Succeed

In other news, Pat Riley announces his retirement, and Sam Hinkie is hired to run the Miami Heat.

Count on it.