Eagles News: Reactions To Eagles-Bucs


All year long, the Philadelphia Eagles have played poorly.

There have been constant mental mistakes, errors, and penalties.

There have been numerous turnovers. There have been countless three and outs.

Most of all, there has been a painful lack of creativity in the offense. Week to week, its the same stale plays. The swing passes to DeMarco Murray’s. The zone runs. The dinks and dunks.

The wide receivers still aren’t doing anything. And the head coach will continue to deny that there’s a problem as the guys that he spent first, second, and third round picks on continue to be nothing more than average.

I haven’t seen a single new wrinkle, unique formation, or anything remotely innovative (or far that matter effective) all season long. Wasn’t Chip Kelly billed as some brilliant offensive mind that was supposed to revolutionize the game?

Good lord, I don’t see it. And what’s more, I don’t see it getting better.

More and more, Chip Kelly is proving to be exactly what I feared him to be when he first arrived in 2013. A gimmicky coach, with a flawed system, and an overinflated ego.

This uptempo, fast-paced offense isn’t something that is going to work in this league. Seriously, there’s absolutely nothing special about this system, and its time that we accept that.

This scheme is the like an NBA team that tries run a lot and score on the fast break. Those NBA teams rely on speed, athleticism, and finesse to create mismatches and get a leg up on their opponents. However, when it comes time to bear down and play a traditional half-court offense, those athletic teams struggle to match up, and the gimmicky style of attack only carries them so far.

The same is true of Kelly’s offense. Time and time again, its been proven that it doesn’t work against the better defenses in this league. Chip’s offense has only been able to put up numbers on mediocre teams. Richard Sherman said it best a year ago when Seattle came to down and dominated Kelly’s attack: “It’s a very basic offense”.

This is not a product that’s going to improve over time, its only going to get further exposed. Now the only question is how long will it be before Jeffrey Lurie comes to that realization and does what needs to be done?

Thoughts From Eagles-Bucs – GCobb.com

Two straight home games against a couple of mediocre teams, and Chip Kelly’s Eagles respond with two miserable let downs.

But this week, they didn’t even pretend to be competitive.

Kelly entered the day with the silly idea of improving to 5-5 and moving into first place in the division, but once again the coach couldn’t deliver.

They now sink further towards the NFC East basement at 4-6, with a looming match against a Lions team that has gritted out a winning streak against some decent teams in the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers.

Don’t even talk about the ridiculous notion that the Eagles are “still in it”. This is bad, poorly coached football team with deep-rooted issues. Things may only get worse from here.

10 Observations From Eagles-Bucs – CSNPhilly

Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly posted his reactions to the Eagles’ latest embarrassment.

Frank also expressed serious doubts about Chip Kelly’s ability to lead and coach this team.

With the Eagles continuing to display a pattern of lacking any sense of urgency, and letting down for the second straight week at home, its only fair to question if this coach’s plan is working the least.

For a team that was built on #culture, its a group that seems to be as much of a team as Andy Reid’s 2011 and 2012 Dream Teams were. The division has been there for the taking all year, and all year long this team, despite having a wealth of talent, has failed to rise to claim it.

And that goes back and reflects poorly on Kelly more than anyone else.

So Much Ugliness In Birds’ Loss – Philly.com

There were all kinds of disasters and ugly moments to pick apart in the Eagles’ loss, but perhaps none moreso than the 15-play, 10-minute drive in the third quarter that resulted in a touchdown that put the game out of reach.

The Eagles’ defense just sat back and let the Tampa offense do whatever they wanted. Despite having the Bucs backed into multiple long situations, including a 3rd and 16, and a 2nd and 20, Billy Davis’ defense gave it all up.

Tampa worked a slow, powerful drive that ate up almost all of the fourth quarter, and delivered what was effectively the knockout punch by scoring a touchdown to go up 35-14.