Eagles Roundtable: Which Player Has Disappointed Most?

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After a 3-1 pre-season that converted some Chip Kelly critics into willing participants of the #InChipWeTrust campaign, it’s safe to say that the Philadelphia Eagles’ 1-2 start to the season has been underwhelming. Despite the fact that they’re coming off a win, very little that the team has done would inspire fans or analysts to reignite their preseason hype for Philadelphia. The Eagles happen to play in a particularly weak-seeming NFC East, so their slow start doesn’t necessarily dash postseason hopes. That said, if their play doesn’t improve, there’s little chance they could secure even one of the NFL’s worst divisions.

Football is very much a team game when it comes to praise and criticism. Nevertheless, it’s also a sport driven by its individual stars. Special players make the difference between good and great teams. Especially at certain positions (for certain prices), certain members of the team fall under a larger lens in terms of expectations. Those individuals who come up short under that criticism will hear about it until things change. The staff at Section215.com each identified a member of the Eagles considered to be the most disappointing.