Five Takeaways From Eagles Week 1 Loss vs. Falcons

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3.) Solid Early Returns on the New Flock of Birds

Though it’s tough to find silver-linings in any loss over the course of an NFL season, there’s bound to be some in a game that came down to the wire like Monday’s did. No roster saw as much turnover at marquee positions as the Eagles did and much was to be expected. By and large, several members of that contingency made their presence felt in a positive way. The Eagles will have to do all they can to put forth more of a complete effort in weeks to come, but one can at least give credit where it’s due to some of the new members of the team.

Kiko Alonso and Walter Thurmond both had interceptions. Ryan Mathews and DeMarco Murray both had touchdowns. Sam Bradford, whose evening was chronicled with a more in-depth eye by Tim Kelly, made it through an entire game and displayed some of the ability that made him a first overall pick. While each of the aforementioned players undoubtedly has portions of their first regular season game as an Eagle they would like to clean up, they made the type of plays that they were brought in for.

Each of the aforementioned individuals probably left Atlanta with more of a sense of dissatisfaction than anything. Not only did the team lose, but there were areas that each of them could have performed better in. Although the playcalling limited them to an extent, both Murray and Mathews had drops that cost their team valuable yards and rhythm. Mathews failed to convert a 3rd and short on the play before Parkey’s field goal. Alonso had his late first half penalty and wasn’t particularly visible beyond his breathtaking interception. Any member of the team walking away from Monday’s game feeling a sense of fulfillment is misguided in that respect.

One would hope that with every passing week on the roster, the new members of the team continue to contribute to the cause while also flashing the playmaking ability that was on display Monday. While Chip Kelly’s high volume practices may forge muscle memory, it does not necessarily create the type of chemistry needed to win at the highest level. It’s early enough in the season that the Eagles can use experiences like Monday’s to serve in that department. It’s up to the new and old members of the roster to make sure that happens.