Eagles News: Sam Bradford Gets X-Ray After Loss

In a move straight out of your worst nightmares, after the Philadelphia Eagles failed to come back to beat the Atlanta Falcons in week one, quarterback Sam Bradford is apparently got an X-Ray after this evening’s game.

According to Bradford, whose opinion should probably only be taken with a grain of salt, says Philadelphia need not worry.

We will keep you updated as this story progresses.

Bradford heated up in his Philadelphia Eagles’ debut after an extremely slow start. Unfortunately, the Eagles fell to the Falcons 26-24.

After the game, here were some of my takeaways on Bradford’s performance.

However, unlike the regime that came before him, Chip Kelly was able to make quite a few adjustments at half-time, putting Bradford in a better position for success by using the team’s three-headed monster at running-back.

Bradford would turn around in the second-half, looking much more like the quarterback that got fans excited with his pre-season performance. Bradford went 21/25 in the second half, largely due to the team utilizing Darren Sproles and Ryan Mathews out of the backfield. The fact that DeMarco Murray was able to get in the endzone twice and also play a limited role in the passing game helped as well.

The biggest takeaway from his second half improvement was that the thinking was taken out of things. The Eagles got some of their play-makers out on the edge, while also utilizing crossing patterns to keep the offense moving.

Those second-half adjustments should leave you with a positive feeling heading into the team’s important matchup against the Dallas Cowboys in Wee

You can ready my full breakdown of Bradford’s Eagles’ debut here.