Eagles Preseason Analysis: Tim Tebow vs Matt Barkley, The Finale

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Third Quarter

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Matt Barkley

First Drive

  • Barkley opened the first offensive drive of the second half by completing a short pass to Mostert.
  • The rest of the drive stalled, with the line doing next to nothing to support Barkley. He was sacked on second-down and then couldn’t even set up a screen pass before the defense was in the backfield on third-down.
  • This three-and-out obviously wasn’t really Barkley’s fault, but it kind of makes you appreciate the earlier drives where he threw picks or was ineffective, because he stalled those drives himself. You only get so many chances to prove yourself, and you have to factor in that you may not get great support from the rest of the players around you every drive.
  • Barkley would only get five passes, and one drive in the third quarter due to the Jets running the clock down. The fact that he didn’t come out for even one drive in the fourth quarter may have been Kelly’s way to tell him to start packing his bags.

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