Jimmy Rollins Traded: Top Five Moments With The Phillies

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4. Jimmy Rollins becomes the Phillies All-Time hits leader

To be completely honest, this moment didn’t do much for me. Sure, it was great to see someone whose career I had watched in its entirety break the franchise’s all-time hit record, but I thought it became too much of Rollins’ focus. I understand that he had already won a title in Philadelphia and his family probably didn’t want to up and leave their home for a brief stint somewhere else. But if you could still play this late in your career, the idea that the biggest thing holding you back from considering waiving your no-trade clause is trying to break an individual record, that just rubbed me (and the fanbase) the wrong way.

In the long run, watching this video will probably make everyone in the fanbase smile. Someone who didn’t turn out to be a lifetime Phillie, but spent the vast majority of his career in Philly and was a great ambassador for the city on and off the field, became the all-time hit king.