2015 NBA Draft Scouting Report: Kristaps Porzingis

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What They’re Saying: 

"“I love his face-up game. He’s got that mid-range shot. I’ve seen a lot of tape where he plays against guys like Shaq [O’Neal], a guy he can’t bang inside with. So faces up, does his little step-back move … Amazing.”-Kevin Garnett in an interview with Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski “Most of the international guys that busted didn’t love the game…They failed because of a lack of passion and work ethic. It was convenient for them to come over and make a lot of money. Zinger’s more in the Dirk mode, in that you can’t get him out of the gym. He’s also more in the Gasol mode, because he’s so skilled.”-Former NBA Assistant coach Scott Roth in an interview with ESPN’s Chad Ford"