NBA Draft Scouting Report: Emmanuel Mudiay

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Prospect Strengths: 

Aside from maybe Karl-Anthony Towns, there isn’t a more impressive physical specimen in the top of the 2015 Draft class than Emmanuel Mudiay. In terms of athleticism, explosiveness, quickness, and strength he is the premiere guard of the bunch. Especially considering the fact that he did not play an extensive college schedule like some of his peers, there most likely isn’t another individual with more to gain in the pre-draft evaluation period than Mudiay.

By no means does Mudiay rely solely on his athleticism to operate at the level he does. He is a terrific point guard prospect with most of the qualities teams are looking for with a franchise floor general. He combines his physical tools with an impressive pulse of the game on the court to dictate the flow of action with the ball in his hands. Derek Bodner of 97.3 ESPN and Liberty Ballers shed light on that aspect of Mudiay’s game recently.

"“I like the pace that Mudiay plays at. He’s a demon in the open court, but he can slow it down and play controlled when confined in the half-court. He navigates the pick and roll very well, and looks to setup his teammates when he gets into the lane. He’s a good passer, both to kickout shooters and to big men when the help defense rotates.”"

In an era of NBA point guards that features the likes of John Wall, Derrick Rose, and Russell Westbrook, the value of players who can manufacture offense can not be understated. Between his ability to get into the lane, score at the rim, and draw fouls to get to the free throw line Mudiay’s value is as high as it is because he can facilitate off isolation. One could consider him one of the ‘safer’ prospects in the class because it is likely that Mudiay will be able to score effectively upon arrival.

Mudiay also possesses top-end ball-handling skills that make him even more of a handful to guard. He uses his body to shield off defenders and has a quick set of hands to maximize that area of his game. He handles, finishes, and passes well with both hands. There is very little wasted movement in Mudiay’s game and his polish in that regard should make him an efficient distributor and operator when attacking.

Defense and rebounding are two other areas that highlight Mudiay’s athleticism. He is strong enough to contest for boards on both ends and possesses elite leaping ability to contribute in that department well for his position. He demonstrates commitment on defense that, when combined with his physicality, can be a nightmare to opposing guards or smaller wing players. A high basketball IQ also allows him to anticipate his opponent’s moves and contribute in the steals category as well.