Morning Phil-Up: Freddy Galvis Making Everyone Forget Jimmy Rollins


Freddy Galvis turned in another three-hit performance on Thursday, helping the Phillies earn a split with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Galvis is beginning to make a name for himself, and is one of the only players that has taken advantage of the playing time afforded to him by the Phils.

Galvis Making Everyone Forget Jimmy Rollins – Philly Voice

The Phillies haven’t had many things go right for them over the last few years.

However, Freddy Galvis has been enjoying a strong start to the season, far surpassing the expectations that everyone had for him. Galvis has kept his batting average in the .330’s, and he’s earned himself a spot in the everyday lineup.

Jimmy Rollins meanwhile has hit a career-worst .174 through 31 games with the Dodgers, and has been a major disappointment in Los Angeles.

Hopefully the success of Galvis will help the organization realize that it is indeed possible to let go of older players and turn the reigns over to a new generation.

D’Angelo Russell Would Love To Join The Sixers –

D’Angelo Russell is one of the NBA’s top prospects coming out of college this year, and is also heavily rumored to be the Sixer’s top target in the upcoming draft.

Russell is a combo guard, and could fill either of the team’s need. The club is in dire need of talent at the guard position, and Russell would be a prime fit.

Russell himself has expressed interest in joining the Sixers. He has a good friendship with Nerlens Noel, and believes that the franchise is ready to begin rising through the ranks of the league.

A league scout also commented that Russell has the highest upside of any of the projected lottery picks, and that he’d be an excellent fit to join with Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid.

Eagles Propose Moving Two-Point Conversions To 1-yard line – The 700 Level

The Eagles have proposed a rule change to the league’s extra point system, one which they may interested in taking full advantage of in the coming year.

According to the Associated Press, the Birds have floated around the idea of moving all two-point conversions to the 1-yard line. Also in the proposal is that defenses would have an opportunity to score two points through an interception or fumble recovery.

The proposal would make teams think about going for two much more regularly in order to try to gain an advantage, though the rule would also come with plenty of risk as well. The NFL is always looking for ways to make their game a much more exciting (and profitable) product, and with all of the attention that they’ve been paying to extra points over the last year or so it wouldn’t shock me to see something like the Eagles’ rule proposal adopted at some point.

Michael Irvin Says DeMarco Murray Makes Eagles Favorites Over Cowboys In NFC East –

Former Dallas receiver Michael Irvin offered some of his thoughts on the status of the NFC East, and offered a pretty surprising opinion.

Irvin believes that the Eagles’ acquisition of DeMarco Murray is enough to tip the balance of power in their favor and make Philadelphia the NFC favorites over the Dallas Cowboys.

I think Irvin’s opinion is very off base here. There are so many questions about the Eagles from quarterback, to offensive line, to wide receiver, and DeMarco Murray, coming off of a year in which the Cowboys just ran him into the ground, enters a situation in which he’s got a worse offensive line and worse supporting talent around him than what he had a year ago.

While Dallas may have issues at running back, they had an incredible draft in which they added three first-round talents in Byron Jones, Randy Gregory, and Lael Collins. Tony Romo’s health is always going to be an issue at this stage in his career, but at this point in time there’s just no comparison in my mind. The Cowboys have a much more proven roster than the Eagles, and I could not in good conscious pick the Birds over Dallas right now.