(Exclusive) Brett Myers Interview on Country Music, 2008 Phillies and more!

Brett Myers is a forgotten man of sorts. He isn’t one of the names that comes to mind when Philadelphia Phillies fans think of the greatest five year run in franchise history (2007-2011), yet he was crucial to the early part of the closest thing the Phillies have ever had to a dynasty.

Myers, out of necessity, became the club’s closer in the 2007. In his first and only season as the Phillies’ closer, Myers converted 21 of his 24 save attempts, including the one that clinched the NL East title and sent the Phillies to the playoffs for the first time since 1993. 

After the Phillies acquired Brad Lidge prior to the 2008 season, Myers was moved back into the rotation. Though 2008 was far from Myers’ best individual season, it showed that he was all-in on doing what it took for the team to win a title. He moved back into the rotation despite admitting he enjoyed his time in the bullpen, and even accepted a mid-season demotion to the minor-leagues that allowed him to bounce back from a very slow start to the season.

And then, the 2008 playoffs, perhaps the defining moment of Myers’ career, happened.

Myers posted a 5.14 ERA in three starts as the Phillies won their first world title in 28 seasons. Even so, he was an integral part of team’s run. Though the 2008 World Series run featured many iconic moments, his nine-pitch walk against CC Sabathia in the NLDS may have been the clearest sign that the Phillies were destined to do special things a year after being swept out of the playoffs. If that wasn’t his three-hit, three RBI performance against the Dodgers may have been when you consider that to date, Myers is a .134 career hitter with 12 RBIs in nearly 500 at-bats.

Myers played with the Phillies through 2009, before spending 2010 through 2013 with the Astros, White Sox and Indians.

Myers sat out the 2014 season, and hasn’t come back to pitch in 2015. He’s never officially walked away from the game, though it would appear that he’s not going to pitch in the big-leagues again.

In his short time out of the game, Myers has remained publically relevant, due to the start of his country music career. The 34 year-old, on the day that his debut album “Backwoods Rebel” is released to the public, joined Richard Janvrin of FakePigskin.com and myself to talk about where his baseball career stands, where his music career is headed and his memories of the 2008 Phillies.

You can download Brett’s album on iTunes here. You can follow him on Twitter @BackwoodsRebel