‘Not-Yet-Elite 11’: Ranking of Philadelphia’s Most Promising Young Talent

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8.) D Sam Morin-Flyers

The first member of the Flyers organization on this list also has the potential to be a 21st century version of the ‘Broad Street Bully’ figure that has been relatively phased out in today’s NHL. Sam Morin was selected 9th overall by the Flyers in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. At the time, the tall, lanky defender from Quebec looked like a stiff wind could knock him over. Nearly two years later, Morin looks very much the part of a potential cornerstone defender and plays the game to back it up.

Morin, 19, stands at 6’7″ without skates on and is still filling out a frame that has surpassed the 200 pound mark. Unlike some, Morin plays big and has a nastiness about him that should endear himself to Flyers fans when he establishes himself as a fixture along the blue line. Though sometimes his temper and feistiness gets the better of him, he is still just a teenager and Flyers GM Ron Hextall continues his path of patience when it comes to the team’s prized crop of defensive prospects.  Of all the aforementioned blue liners, Morin may have the most ‘wow’ moments in his journey towards the NHL. During last offseason’s developmental camp, Morin shattered a pane of glass with his herculean slap shot.     

Here he is pummeling an opponent in a fight.

Even when he suffers an injury, like he did this past October, Morin manages to demonstrate the sort of edge and toughness the Flyers hope he brings to their blue line at some point.

Coming off a gold medal at the World Junior Championships and another strong season in the QMJHL, Morin’s confidence should be at an all-time high. There were some who thought he had performed well enough during last offseason to warrant a spot on the Flyers opening day roster. Given his importance to the future of the organization, Ron Hextall resisted the temptation to rush the teenager into such an important role. Should Morin continue to make the strides he has, Hextall may not have a choice next season.