Philadelphia Phillies Franchise Four

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The Philadelphia Phillies franchise has been around since 1890 with a laundry list of great players and Hall of Fame inductees. Recently, the MLB announced voting for a contest called “The Franchise Four”. In a nutshell, it is the four cornerstones of the franchise during its existence. With over 125 years in existence and time as a Philadelphia franchise before that, it is not easy to break this list down to four.

The methodology that I am taking to my franchise four is strictly related to on-field performance. Yes, this does mean that the great Harry Kalas will not make the franchise four despite being one of the most synonymous names with the franchise. Also, there will be at least one name from both the championship season. Sure, the player from the most recent championship run is not in the Hall of Fame, but both candidates have a pretty good shot to eventually have a plaque in Cooperstown.

Is my list perfect? Well, I’m sure you’ll let me know that it isn’t in the comment section below.

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