Eagles Rumors: Browns Offered First Round Pick for Sam Bradford

Just a week ago, Eagles fans and the better part of the national football landscape was rocked when the Rams sent Sam Bradford and a 2015 5th round pick to Philadelphia for Nick Foles and a 2016 2nd round pick. In the matter of an hour, the entire outlook of the Eagles roster makeup was drastically altered all while everyone was left scratching his or her head as to why the QB exchange took place.

With a week to digest, more and more continues to trickle out as to why the Eagles were so aggressive in acquiring Bradford. Whether or not their interest in him as a long-term starter is genuine or if he is being used as a trade chip to move up in the draft, there’s no doubt that Chip Kelly put forth a serious effort to bring in a player coming off multiple ACL injuries.

In his first public appearance since executing the trade, Chip Kelly baffled the media when he said the Eagles had been offered a 1st round pick for Bradford. Even with quality quarterback play spread so thinly around the league, it was hard to fathom that Bradford was possibly worth a first round pick.

Later in the week, further reports surfaced that there was indeed a team that put up their first round selection for Bradford before the Rams opted to deal with the Eagles and Nick Foles. Tuesday afternoon, a confirmation via Adam Caplan of ESPN identified the Cleveland Browns as the team trying to land Bradford with one of their two first round picks.


Here’s the snippet of the article that Caplan is referring to that breaks down the scenario.

Per Casserly, it’s unknown if the pick was offered before or after Bradford’s trade to Philadelphia. Our guess is before, but it’s certainly possible the Browns are the team Eagles coach Chip Kelly referred to in last week’s presser. The Browns have been engaged in a quixotic quest to upgrade their quarterback position this offseason. So far, all they’ve managed is giving erratic journeyman Josh McCown $6.5 million guaranteed. By default, Johnny Manziel is still in the team’s 2015 plans. That would likely change if they add another signal caller to their quarterback room.
Casserly [referring to NFL Network contributor and former NFL General Manager Charley Casserly] indicates that it is unclear whether or not the Browns were dealing with St. Louis or the Eagles.

Either Kelly is genuinely interested in keeping Sam Bradford or he is holding out for a team to get more desperate to up the anty and help Chip Kelly acquired Marcus Mariota. If the Browns were interested in Bradford before, that probably won’t change given who is on the roster.