Tony Bruno won’t return to “radio”, will start podcast instead

Just over three months after resigning from 97.5 The Fanatic over a contract dispute, it appears that Tony Bruno has a new self-employed radio gig. That is, if you are like me and consider podcasts and radio on an equal playing field–if done by the right person–in 2014.

According to his new site, Bruno will appear October 13th at The Jug Handle Inn at 7:00. Here’s a description of the event.

Come join Tony Bruno for the launch of his new Podcast and the RETURN OF MR. MONDAY NIGHT!

Vague, but after a three month hiatus, the Philly sports radio legend is back in some capacity. Whether or not he plans on sticking with this long-term or is just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself remains to be seen. Bruno also has a show scheduled at Tony Luke’s on October 30th. 

It also isn’t clear whether Bruno’s new show will cover just Philly topics or national topics, as Bruno has solely discussed Philly topics since he left Fox’s Into The Night With Tony Bruno (perhaps the greatest sports radio show ever made) in 2011.

If this is just a short-term venture for Bruno, it’s hard to imagine what station he will end up with. He’s fresh off what seems like an ugly exit from the Fanatic, and Crossing Broad’s Kyle Scott reported that he had a meeting with an executive from WIP in late July, which nothing appears to have come from. And as I said, Bruno left national radio almost three years ago now, so that doesn’t appear to be something he would be interested in. Even if he wasn’t he probably has gotten some calls about it over the past few months, and yet he’s elected to go the podcast route.

What is sure is that the sportstalk is better off having Bruno than not having him. Full disclaimer: I’m biased when it comes to Bruno. I grew up listening to him on Madden and I first got seriously interested in getting into sports media when I started listening to Into The Night‘s simulcast on 97.5 The Fanatic around the time of the Phillies playing in the 2009 World Series. I normally listen to sports-talk for hard-hitting takes, but Bruno provides not only that but a special ability to make someone who doesn’t know a single thing about sports laugh, which is what has made his illustrious career in radio so special. Props to the 62 year-old, who doesn’t seem to have lost his passion for sports talk, but rather gotten sick of dealing with the business of sports talk radio.