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Apr 6, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (center) stands between Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (left) and Miami Heat forward LeBron James (right) during the second half at American Airlines Arena. Miami won 102-91. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This may be somewhat of an unpopular opinion, or even a weird one, but why does it sometimes seem that following free agency in the NBA is more of a bore than anything else?

Sure, there’s a lot of intrigue and attention as to where LeBron James will play next season. The same applies to Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony. So, how could this free agency period be such a bore to follow when we’re talking about five of the top ten or fifteen players in the league?

This one is easy to answer, Realists. Overcoverage.

Also, I think we have learned from 2010 and LeBron’s “Decision” that anything is definitely possible regarding these kinds of developments, but overall, it’s a bore to follow. It is such because the “LeBron-O-Meter” seems to be changing on a different day.

One moment, it looks like he will be signing with the Miami Heat again. The next, it seems as if Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is on a plane to South Florida to meet with number 6’s people. Part of the reason all of the LeBron speculation seems to be more of a snoozer than something keeping us on the edges of our seats, is because a lot of people do not expect him to leave Miami where he’s won two NBA titles. Same with Wade and Bosh.

Then, there’s all the speculation about the Lakers in regards to if Mitch Kupchak could actually pull off something where both James and Carmelo Anthony are signed. Remember, back in 2003 in their first year’s in the league, those were the two players (LeBron in Cleveland and Melo in Denver) who were touted as the future of the league.

LeBron James has since won two NBA championships. As for Carmelo, he hasn’t even competed in an NBA Finals, but at least his basketball career has netted him LaLa.

Then, there’s all of the Chris Bosh stuff. The talk about his future has been nothing but speculation as well. He could re sign with Miami, he could decide to go back to Toronto where he has spent most of his career. There is even speculation that the Sacramento Kings could pull off something where they meet with Bosh and start talking dollars and cents with him.

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  • And, of course, there is so much conversation about the possibility of either James or Anthony taking “max deals”. Exhibit A brings us back to ‘Melo.

    There’s all of the conversation about if he would have signed with the Lakers or the Bulls, but that LaLa wants no part of leaving New York City, so it means he may resign with the Knicks. Or, he may resign with the Knicks regardless of what his wife is telling him and that it is all about the money since Phil Jackson is offering the most to keep ‘Melo at MSG.

    And, of course, LeBron supposedly wanting a max contract with Miami and for the roster to be improved, but The Big 3 would all have to presumably take pay cuts in order forthem to stay intact in South Florida.

    In my opinion, while somewhat intriguing because of the names involved, it has become somewhat of a bore to follow. At this point, after all of these meetings between teams, agents, and players are finished, we just want these guys to sign with their respective teams already so all of this changing talk of where all of these players will go will end.

    In the meantime, Realists, until these free agents actually sign on the dotted line with their respective teams, we still have one more week of the World Cup to go.