Joel Embiid Tells Two White Guys What they Already Know


As each day passes, it becomes more and more apparent to me that to get drafted in Philadelphia, you have to have a large package.

Earlier this off-season, we learned from Connor Barwin that Eagles’ Quarterback Nick Foles has the largest male part on the team, obviously translating to his on-field success’ in 2013.

Looking to emulate the success that the Eagles have had early in the Chip Kelly era, the Sixers elected to draft Joel Embiid with the third pick in the draft, because, like Foles, he apparently was blessed by the sex Gods.

In a Barstool Philly exclusive, Embiid is in an SUV with two random white guys, one of whom is apparently 5’10” and has a seven-inch d*ck (extremely unlikely), and Embiid is asked about whether he he a larger one.


These are the type of confident athletes that we need coming into fix the mediocre mess that has been the Sixers since 2001.

If you need video conformation of Embiid saying this, check it out here (the video isn’t embedable). Literally, if you walk away with any reaction other than laughing at that video, there is something extremely wrong with you.

Editors note: I understand n*gga isn’t the n-word and is a term of endearment, but I used the asterisk to avoid any issues.