Four-for-Four: The Reality Sucks Edition

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Earlier this season, Flyers goalie prospect Anthony Stolarz saw his future flash before his eyes when he was sliced with a skate, an injury that would require surgery and time off for the London Knights netminder. Recently, Stolarz’s London team started their OHL playoff run and Stolarz wasted very little time drawing attention to himself, in a very bad way.

Stolarz was suspended eight games by the league and put his team’s chances in the OHL playoffs in jeopardy. One has to be happy that the Flyers top goalie prospect is back on the ice, but seeing incidents like that make it a bit more difficult to rally behind.


Monday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Penguins PR Department came up with the brilliant idea to give forward James Neal control of the team’s Twitter account for fans to ask him questions. Under the hashtag #AskNeal, fans were encouraged to probe the maniacal winger. I would go out on a limb and say whomever came up with the idea to put Neal, a player whose on-the-ice antics have experts questioning his sanity and well-being, in the bulls-eye of the Twitterverse, even on a Monday afternoon, probably regrets his decision.

And, my personal favorite:


In the last week, the Flyers have continued their push to the playoffs with a mixed bag of efforts. Two deflating losses to defensively-geared teams in the Kings and Rangers were softened by a strong 4-2 win over the Maple Leafs on Friday. Two of the Flyers first-liners, Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek, turned in especially awe-inspiring tallies that are worth debating the superior.

Voracek vs. Lunqvist

After a game of Lundqvist shutting down the Flyers, Voracek put a lot of anger behind that shot. Nicely done.

Giroux vs. Maple Leafs

A vintage Giroux journey to the top shelf, where the cookies are often kept.

VERDICT: Give me Voracek in this one. Not only was it his 100th career goal, but it was coming off a game where he really was the only Flyers to turn in an admirable effort. Voracek has been playing with a lot of fire lately and his output has matched. Both of these goals were dazzling, I’ll take Jake’s for the story behind the goal.