Fearless Superbowl XLVIII Predictions From Section 215 Staff


Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Some of Section 215’s staff takes a crack at picking the end-result of Superbowl 48, while trying not to be influenced by Richard Sherman.

Tim Kelly-Section 215 Senior Editor/Lead Writer
While just about everyone in the country is rooting for the Broncos due to Richard Sherman’s postgame rant after winning the NFC Title game, I’m leaning the other way. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Peyton Manning (who I believe is the greatest quarterback to ever play) win another ring, but, I’ve decided to put that aside. I think that calling someone who is an elite corner “a thug” just because he is black and has dreadlocks, while ignoring that he was top five in his class in high school and overcame the odds of being born in Compton to overachieve at Stanford and make it to the NFL, is what is wrong with this country. Damn right, Richard Sherman should be cocky–you would be to if your life took his journey.

Maybe it’s just because I could see some of my sports passion boiling over into a post-game explosion, after a big win in one of my games, that I am tempted to root for the Seahawks. But I think this whole issue has set us back as a country, because we have taught our children to racially profile and use the n-word, just because someone yelled after they won a big game against a divisional rival. What’s lost is it isn’t even like he used any expletives, he just ranted on a player on the other team after they had been going back and fourth after the game. Was it right? No, but it wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be.

Anyway, my wallet is involved in this game, and rooting interest doesn’t influence me when I’m trying to make money. I think cold weather means that we see the Broncos passing game slowed down drastically, and Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin grind out a close win for the Seahawks on a game-breaking run.

Remember the 2007 Patriots, who might have had the most explosive offense in NFL history, were held to only 14 points in the Superbowl, by a Giants’ defense that wasn’t nearly as talented as this Seahawks defense. Peyton will drop to a 1-2 career record in the Superbowl, in what will be a surprising defensive grind to everyone except me.

Seahawks 17-Broncos 14
MVP: Marshawn Lynch

Somers Price-Section 215 Co-Editor/Assistant Lead Writer
I actually expect the Broncos to use a similar gameplan in Superbowl 48, that the New Orleans used on the Seahawks earlier in the NFL playoffs. . New Orleans was able to move the ball rather well on the ground and, were it not for a shaky performance from Drew Brees, could have upset Seattle. Denver has a few good runners and their offensive line has been rolling in the playoffs. Manning will stay relatively clean and score enough to force Russell Wilson to make more than a few plays. I’m a huge Wilson fan, but even his late touchdown against the 49ers came on a free play. Denver is playing loose after a scare from the Chargers. Broncos use a balanced effort to win and Peyton takes home the MVP because he’s Peyton.

Broncos 27-Seahawks 23
MVP: Peyton Manning

Akiem Bailum-Section 215 National Columnist
It’s an old cliché to use when talking about matchups in the Super Bowl that “you couldn’t have asked for a better matchup”.

Statistically, that’s true this year. With the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks set to face off in Super Bowl XLVIII, it is a matchup of the top scoring offense against the top scoring defense.

And New York/New Jersey is not exactly Hawaii in February, adding another dimension to this game.

Such cold conditions could make it difficult for Peyton Manning and the Broncos to get the passing game going against the imposing “Legion of Boom” defense that is the Seahawks. If this one comes down to the running attacks, Advantage Beast Mode. Advantage Seattle.

That being said, my original Super Bowl pick was Broncos over Seahawks. I’m sticking with it.

Broncos 27-Seahawks 24
MVP: Peyton Manning with 2 TD passes, but also 1 interception.

Aaron Mazer-Section 215 Staff Writer
I believe the Denver Broncos are going to win Super Bowl XLVIII. In a matchup between the league’s number one scoring offense versus number one defense, I think Peyton Manning will propel the Broncos to a close victory.

I do believe the game will be a close throughout, however the Broncos offense is just too high powered for any defense to stop, even a defense led by outspoken All-pro cornerback Richard Sherman. Peyton has too many dangerous weapons, whether it be Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Julius Thomas, Eric Decker or Knowshon Moreno, this offense just cannot be stopped. Along the way, Peyton will throw either two or three touchdowns and will account for over 250 yards which will be good enough to land him his second ring.

Broncos 24- Seahawks 17
MVP: Peyton Manning

Richard Sherman has almsot become a bigger story than the Superbowl itself. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Lacy-Section 215 NFL Preview Analyst
This Super Bowl is a matchup of the league’s best offense against a very tough and stingy defense. With Peyton Manning’s arm strength diminished from his prime, the Broncos have largely relied on shorter passes and gaining the majority of their yards after the catch. However, the Seahawks “Legion of Boom” defense may make those yards harder to come by.

The game may come down to how well the Broncos defense fares against the Seahawks offense. It’s difficult to accurately gauge the Broncos’ defense because they’re often handed large early leads. Since that might not be the case here, they’ll have to worry about the Seahawks “shortening the game” with their imposing rushing attack.

In the end, with NFL rules being what they are, I’m going to side with the team with the best offense. The Broncos’ offense might find the going tougher than usual, but I think Manning makes enough plays to prevail.

Broncos 27 – Seahawks 19
MVP: Peyton Manning

Steven Lafreniere-Section 215 Staff Writer

I would first like to say that this Superbowl was far from an easy decision.

While everyone wants to defend Richard Sherman for his remarks after the NFC Championship and say that it was just an honest interview and he was just being real, I tend to disagree. It was not classy move and proved that Richard Sherman is just full of himself. This is what we teach our children not to be. As coaches, this is not what we try to keep our better players from turning into. You handle your stuff on the field, after it’s just handshakes and mutual respect. Richard Sherman has none of that, and that is why I hope the Denver Broncos win this Superbowl.

While my heart is with Denver, I do believe Seattle has all the tools to win a close and competitive battle. Look for Marshawn Lynch’s “beast mode” to be in full effect Sunday (hopefully Sunday) and the defense to pull this one out.

I hate players like Sherman, I’ve faced them, and I hope Denver makes him eat his words, but I think Seattle has the right defense and just enough offense to win this game.

Seahawks 28 -Broncos 24

MVP: Russell Wilson (Only because the quarterback of the winning team wins 99% of the time).