Four for Four: Inaugural Edition

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Entering the 1983 NBA Playoffs when asked about his team’s chances, 76ers center Moses Malone proclaimed, “Fo’, Fo’, Fo’.” The missing piece of Philadelphia’s championship puzzle demonstrative display of confidence was a rallying cry for what was the city’s only title for 25 years until the Phillies ended the drought in 2008.

The 76ers did lose one game en route to their most recent NBA championship. Malone, who would be named Finals MVP in the team’s convincing four-game sweep over the Lakers, solidified himself in Philadelphia sports lore as the type of bold figure fans pine for from their teams.

‘Four, Four, Four’ (or four for four) has taken on a new meaning nowadays. With a team in each of the major sport leagues, it was to be expected of any true Philadelphia fan to pledge themselves to following each team with the same level of passion and to show alliance to an organization outside of the city was considered blasphemous. Most notably with the rise of Cowboys fans, or ‘cockroaches’ as they’ve been affectionately dubbed, in the city, any notion that someone had it in them to actually cheer for a franchise that did not represent the City of Brotherly Love is often met with harsh ridicule and expulsion from the community that is being a Philadelphia sports fan.

I have heard grown men call up the two major sports radio stations in the city, pleading to be included in cheering for the Phillies, Flyers, or Sixers only to be mocked upon their mention of being a Cowboys or Giants fan. It is a philosophy that divides friends, families, lovers, etc. If you’re going to follow one, two, or three of the teams in the area and call yourself a true Philadelphian, you better love that fourth team just the same or good luck trying to hop on the bandwagon when they win a championship.

With this concept in mind, we at decided to start a weekly entry paying homage to those fans who follow all four teams. Being a Philadelphia sports fan is a year-long, 24/7 commitment and even when games are not being played, there is always something to talk about with the Eagles, 76ers, Flyers, and Phillies. Whether it is an interesting statistic, memorable tweet, a player to highlight, or anything else one can think of we live in a world where sports teams are accessible and the coverage of them is at an all-time high. This is supposed to be something to enjoy, so any feedback: good or bad is more than welcome. Our site does our best during the week to cover every news story and anything that would matter to a fan of the greatest sports city in the world. This is more of a way to highlight some of the things that might go overlooked regarding our beloved teams.