The 87ers just got a Fox mascot, so a bad one for the Sixers is likely on-deck

*From the files of Joshua Harris’ e-mail chain that started with Adam Aron until he was fired because he didn’t actually do anything productive for the basketball team*

Adam Aron-We don’t want the psycho looking rabbit as our mascot anymore.

Joshua Harris-Well I can’t think of any new type of mascot. Maybe we should just get rid of Hip-Hop and not have a mascot and actually worry about getting fans to the arena to see our team?

Adam Aron-No, the fans might really respond to a new mascot. I’ve even drawn up a few ideas. Option A) We could go with Ben Franklin, and just throw him in a Sixers’ jersey. That screams Philly.

Joshua Harris-Yes, kids will have their parents lined up to buy season tickets just to come see an elderly sweatyguy in a tank-top.

Adam Aron-What about a dog? Kids love dogs!

Joshua Harris-What does that have to do with Philly?

Adam Aron-Well, nothing but kids love dogs. Look at the gorilla in Phoenix, nothing to do with the team, but everyone loves it.

Joshua Harris-You might be on to something.

Adam Aron-In one sketch, I even threw a cracked liberty bell on his head.

Joshua Harris-So, like a hat?

Adam Aron-No, like the dog is wearing a legit bell on it’s head.

Joshua Harris-Next.

*Aron proceeds to send Harris a picture of a Moose wearing a 76ers robe. The moose isn’t wearing a bell on it’s head, but it might as well be, because it looks like Hugh Hefner in moose version*

*Aron Googles how to block someone on G-Mail*

Nearly three years and a team-owned D-League team later, and a fox that looks like Kermit the frog sipping on tea was born as the team’s D-League mascot last night.


Normally I would just laugh at this and move on, but if this is something the organization thinks actually looks good, what does this mean for the mascot they will eventually be introducing? And by eventually, I mean this season.

Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil spoke earlier this week on the progress of trying to replace Hip-Hop, who was brutally murdered.

PBJ: Will the team finally have a new mascot this year?

O’Neil: It looks like we will. That’s in development right now. We have kids coming in as part of focus groups to help with the design and the name. We’re looking at a November or December launch.

Wait, so the mascot won’t even be ready for the start of the season? What’s the holdup after three years? If you have a real idea, wouldn’t it be done by now? Or are they just forcing another bad mascot?

Regardless, we’ll see a new mascot before we Joel Embiid or Dario Saric, and if Caesar the Fox is any indication, it will be a creepy looking animal that is given a historical based name to make us think it has some sort of relevance.

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