The best of Philadelphia sports ice bucket challenges

Open up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or really any social media app right now, and there is a fair chance that your timeline is littered with a mix of your good friends and celebrities dumping buckets of ice water (or some people cheated and decided to just do glasses) on themselves.

While the experience of having a bucket of ice poured on you is pretty fun and so is keeping up with the latest trends on social media, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” has helped to raise awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), which is certainly a more than worthy cause.

If you haven’t seen ALS affect someone you know, or the stories of Steve Gleason and O.J. Brigance weren’t enough, yesterday’s Sportscenter Featured probably drove home the message of how serious the disease is.  The piece chronicled Pete Frates, former Boston College baseball star, who created the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, to help raise awareness and funds for ALS sufferers, like him.

It’s become really convenient to be that guy that sits on Facebook and talks about how pouring ice water on yourself isn’t going to help to raise ALS awareness, but considering that the ALS association has reported over 400 percent increases in donations during this trend, you would be lazy and incorrect to assume such things.

The challenge has been attempted by everyone from myself (there will be video evidence) to LeBron James. Even locally, in one of the most miserable sports Summers that I can remember (besides the Taney Dragons), the trend has caught on.



Funny how Ruben challenged Kevin Towers, who may also be unemployed at the end of this season.



The Sixers have been quite quiet on this front. I guess they’ve elected to pass up on the challenge, and make the $100 donation to the ALS Association instead. It isn’t like they don’t have the cap space to do so. If it is any consolation, here is a really poor quality video of me doing the challenge in an Andrew Bynum shirsey, which should bring some joy to your day.

To make a donation to the ALS association, click here.

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