Jul 23, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; General view of the ball park as storm clouds roll in during the third inning a game between the Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants at Citizens Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A Nationals writer just called you out, Philly

In Philadelphia, it’s become trendy to talk about how since we are all infuriated with the direction of a team only a few years removed from a 102 win season, that we are making a statement by not showing up to Citizens Bank Park. I was at Cliff Lee’s return Monday, and there were a little under 27,000 there, and it felt empty. Still, the Phillies are currently averaging around 30,000 fans a game, which is still in the top half of the MLB.

The team that is only two spots ahead of them on the MLB attendance list, and 13 ahead in the NL East, is the Washington Nationals. The same Nationals, who have banned anyone from outside the Maryland or D.C. area from purchasing tickets to their games, because Phillies fans used to sellout their park and make it like a home game. Or because #Natitude, however you look at it.

Anyways, Mark Zuckerman (no, not the Facebook guy) of Nats Insider ranked his top 30 MLB ballparks today. He ranked Citizens Bank Park at 15, which is whatever. I don’t agree that Safeco Park and Coors Field, and a few others higher than CBP are better, but you are entitled to your opinion. But in his long ramble, Zuckerman didn’t give much in the way of actual analysis on the park, so he figured he’d rip it by talking about how us Philly fans are just awful people.

We’re now entering the indistinguishable middle of the pack. All of these ballparks have some similarities, none of them especially exciting. Call them the modern-day cookie cutters. Philadelphia has probably the best of this group, notable for the dark red brick and two-tiered bullpen behind the center-field fence. But there’s not a whole lot else that defines Citizens Bank Park. Aside from the Phanatic (who is great) and the local fan base (which is not).

Wow is that lazy. I can honestly say that I have been to dozens of games at CBP, and never once seen any fan ridiculed or really bothered (unless it was in a joking way) by Phillies’ fans.

What I have seen is opposing fans, most of whom are sellout bandwagon fans that actually live in the area, come into the games drunk, looking to start a problem with Phillies’ fans so they can get someone to say something stupid, record it and sell it to Deadspin.

But again, let me reiterate, this isn’t the Vet. In the 11 years that CBP has been open, I’ve been to a ton of games, and people aren’t given a problem for cheering for other teams or wearing other teams’ jerseys or anything like that, like lazy writers lead you to believe. It just isn’t a reality at any part of the ballpark. I guess if you come in and make a problem, you’ll get one, but isn’t that anywhere?

If I’m completely missing Zuckerman’s point and he hates the fanbase because we boo opposing players, and lately even our own, then I’m not sure I can even justify responding to that.

I guess, either way, Northeast sports fans are just a tad (extreme exaggeration) better than most of the rest of the cities in the country, and other parts of the country don’t grasp out passion.

So Zuckerman can go back to enjoying watching Bryce Harper be the massive underachiever he is, and if the Nats don’t produce again in the playoffs, at least they have their racist football team to fall back on, right?

[H/T Crossing Broad]

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