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Nah bro, Joel Embiid is serious about LeBron James coming to Philly

After reports over the weekend suggested that Joel Embiid had blocked LeBron James on Twitter due to “the King” ignoring his previous two Twitter attempts to lure LeBron to Philly, we thought that Embiid’s playful Twitter campaign was over. We underestimated the power of Joel-Hans.


Blocking LeBron was the greatest smokescreen ever. Joel did it to make it seem like even the most optimistic person in the organization had come to the conclusion that James wasn’t even go to give the Sixers the time of day, and that the Sixers were out of the way. And then, Sam Hinkie gave Embiid the cue, to put this feeler tweet out, right before LeBron makes his second decision.

In all reality, the fact that no one in the organization has told Embiid to stop these tweets, shows where the Sixers are as a team. They are at rock-bottom, which they smartly put themselves in to get out of NBA purgatory, and having a future face of their franchise (hopefully) put this tweet out provides some temporary comedy and gets the fanbase to fall in love with a player who you are attempting to build your team around.

Hinkie and the organization also do have the cap space to make something like this a reality, and as much as it won’t happen, why the hell not have Embiid keep putting these tweets out?

I think we all know the free-agent target who the Sixers could seriously make a run at in a few years, and he’s a familiar face to both the fanbase and Embiid.


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