NBA Draft Rumors: 'Better than 50% chance' that Cavaliers trade first pick

Within the last two hours, we learned that the Cavaliers were willing to fly Australian point-guard Dante Exum from New York (where he is in anticipation for tomorrow night’s NBA draft) to Cleveland, for a last-minute workout. Our own Somers Price wondered if that kept the dream of Andrew Wiggins landing in Philly alive, before Dei Lynam, Adrian Wojnarowski, and Marc Spears all took to various platforms to basically say that Exum hasn’t even accepted the Cavs’ offer to workout yet, and if they took him, it likely wouldn’t even be at the number one spot.

Shortly after the original report from ESPN’s Andy Katz surfaced, I’m told, Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski appeared on Fox Sports One, and made it clear that if the Cavs took Exum, it wouldn’t be at the number one spot, and they’d likely be trading down to the number four spot, where the Orlando Magic are currently slotted.

Per Pro Basketball Draft, their is a better than 50 percent chance that the Cavs move the pick, and the Magic appear to be the current favorite to land the pick.



Pro Basketball Draft was careful to put the ‘for now’ label on, because apparently the Sixers and Jazz are looking to move up as well. The Sixers and Magic are targeting Wiggins, according to PBD, which you would think means that the Jazz are targeting Jabari Parker. Previous reports had indicated, that despite the fact that Parker is Mormon and people are reaching for a parallel between that and Utah, that the Jazz liked Wiggins better. In all likelyhood, we’ll never know the answer to who the Jazz liked more. 

As for the Sixers, it all comes down to whether you think Wiggins is the type of player who could put your franchise on a parade float. If he is, then you need to be willing to move that third and tenth pick, and whatever in the future, to go get Wiggins. Needless to say, Thaddeus Young could be moved if the Cavs were interested in him. If you don’t feel that way, then don’t move up. 

Something gives me the feeling, that Sam Hinkie is lurking, maybe for Wiggins or maybe not, but he’s going to make some serious noise tomorrow night. 

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