Report: Sixers taking Dante Exum at three is 'a real possibility'

Update 3:25 PM EST: Wojnarowski is reporting that Embiid has a stress fracture in his right foot and will have surgery Friday. Obviously, this drastically changes the course of this draft, and makes this report, an even realer possibility.

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The other day I jokingly talked with one of my friends about how I knew, despite all reports indicating the exact opposite, that the Sixers wouldn’t end up with Andrew Wiggins. After all, this is Philadelphia, and nothing ever breaks our way. Little did I know, we were only a few days from reports surfacing that potential number one overall pick Joel Embiid had a serious foot injury, which could potentially sway the Cavaliers into selecting Wiggins number one, and putting the Sixers in a very uncomfortable situation with the number three pick.

As we still wait on official confirmation that Embiid’s foot is broken, Yahoo! Sport’s Adrian Wojnarowski, has some insight on how the Sixers’ draft plans have been altered amid more concerning news about the health of Embiid.

Philadelphia has been intrigued with the possibility of drafting a point guard with one of its picks in the draft, closely studying Dante Exum and Marcus Smart, sources said. Smart wouldn’t be selected with Philly’s third overall pick, sources said, but Exum does become a candidate for the Sixers at No. 3.

I’m not sure taking a point-guard with eerily similar strengths and weaknesses to Michael Carter-Williams, rather than a potential all-generational talent in Embiid, would be a smart move, even if Embiid’s long-term health is somewhat of a concern.

However, Woj later alluded to the possibility of the Sixers moving back into the top ten, you would think at five or six, which leads you to think that they could target Embiid a few picks after taking Exum.

Philadelphia has had discussions with teams about gathering an additional pick between its two current choices at No. 3 and No. 10.

This seems like a long-shot to me, unless the Sixers move a number of future first-rounders, but the idea of ending up with Exum, Embiid, a and a third player, and pairing them with Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel, is scary.

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