Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World are sell-out Dodgers fans

As a 90′s kid, I grew up watching Boy Meets World. If you didn’t, you didn’t have a very good childhood. I also was a massive Phillies fan (I still am), so I felt guilty not watching every re-run of the Phillies most recent game, to watch Boy Meets World. My self-justification for watching, was that Cory was a huge Phillies’ fan. Or so we were led to think…..

But Cory was a Phillies fan. Like it wasn’t just like he lived in Philadelphia, but wasn’t there that one episode where he got himself wearing a Phillies’ jersey on a box of cereal and called them Cory-O’s?

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Cory, like me in the late 90′s, did catch the Anaheim Mighty Ducks craze, so his LA sports fandom isn’t unprecedented.

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And Topanga just did it to get with Cory, who didn’t actually like the Phillies? That makes her so less 90′s hot. I mean, she isn’t hot here, because she’s like 10, but when I was watching this show, I was younger than 10, so that was cool. I’m 18 now, so in the seasons where Topanga was 16 and 17, she was still hot. At least until I turn 19 and thinking that isn’t acceptable anymore. Dodgers’ fan Tapanga will never be hot, though.

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B*tches ain’t sh*t but h*es and tricks

At least Mr Feeny is still on our side. I’m sure he is enamored with Ken Giles 101 MPH fastball and dirty slider.

This Mets' kid failed Mr. Feeny's class twice

This Mets’ kid failed Mr. Feeny’s class twice

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Marvin

    Lol I’m a big time phils fan too, along with the show.. but no one is a phils fan right now, unless this disaster of a roster Ruben has manufactured somehow pulls off a miracle. I just wish they could’ve traded for the right prospects but the fact that they have no idea how to evaluate talent of other teams makes me think we shouldn’t fire sell

    • Tim Kelly

      I wish all that to, but I’m still a Phillies fan. It’s just a TV show so I get it, but when he’s out there as Cory Matthews from the show, it’s disappointing.