Jun 14, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins (11) waves to the fans after hitting a single to right in the fifth inning to become the all time franchise hit leader during a game against the Chicago Cubs at Citizens Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Rollins admits 'if everything is blown up', he'd consider accepting a trade

It’s funny how sports work some times. It hasn’t been 24 hours since Jimmy Rollins became the new Phillies’ All-Time hits leader, and while we will talk about Rollins’ Phillies legacy for generations to come, we aren’t content to talk about it in the present. In the present, we’d rather discuss Rollins’ uncertain future wearing red pinstripes.

“I’m not done,” Rollins said afterward. “Hopefully we can bring another championship to the city if I’m here long enough and the rest will be the rest.”

Hopefully world peace is reached soon, and social security doesn’t run out by the time that I’m ready to retire. Hopefully.

At 29-37, the Phillies are tied for the second-least amount of wins in the National League, ans anyone being realistic knows that the Phillies aren’t going to compete in 2014. And if the current front-office regime isn’t replaced or doesn’t drastically change their stripes, the same can be said for the foreseeable future.

So would Rollins, who owns a no-trade clause because of his ten and five rights, be willing to accept a trade to a contender if the Phillies were able to facilitate one?

“It really depends if everything is blown up,” Rollins said. “Then you take that into consideration. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that right now. But if that time does come, and it’s time to go … people move on.”

If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching Rollins for pretty much my entire life, besides the fact that he hates taking the first pitch, it’s that he is a fierce competitor. He has the team record for hits now, so why would he want to stay in a losing situation? A trade to the right position, would make sense for Rollins, right?

As Jayson Stark pointed out last week, finding “the right position” may be the biggest problem. And Ken Rosenthal has reminded us that Rollins’ $11 million option for 2015 and his wife’s connections to Philly, may make it hard to move him.

I’m sure between now and the July 31st trade-deadline, we will hear 1,000 different things about whether or not Rollins wants to be moved, and what teams are or aren’t interested. I hope that the Phillies at least put themselves in position to move Rollins, and begin to move forward with a rebuild, and that if a reasonable situation is presented to Rollins, he takes it. I hope that he takes it not only for the good of the team’s long-term future, but for his immediate future.

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