Sixers to work out Dante Exum next week

Lost in 94 WIP’s Anthony Gargano’s report last week where he suggested that the Sixers will do ‘whatever it takes’ to land Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins, was this interesting tidbit.

“I hear that they want to move up from [number] 10 as well…So, they want to assure themselves of Wiggins and also, move up from 10.”

While it appears that the Sixers will end up with one of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid with their first pick, opinions differ on where they will go with their second pick. SI’s Chris Mannax had the Sixers taking Michigan State’s Gary Harris last week, while Draft Express projected the Sixers to take Aaron Gordon at the tenth pick. And….then there’s this.

While I couldn’t have predicted the Jrue Holiday deal entering the draft last year, I think it’s safe to say that the Sixers don’t anticipate moving on from Michael Carter-Williams. While Sam Hinkie comes off as a mad genius (we still are getting familiar with him), I find it hard to believe that he plans to keep Carter-Williams if the Sixers can’t move up for Exum, but trading him if they can make a move to get up somewhere in the five to seven range to take Exum.

The Sixers are likely working Exum out in case he falls to eight or nine, in which case they would move up for him and pair him with Carter-Williams in the backcourt. As teams like the Clippers demonstrated this year, a two point-guard system can work in the NBA. The unfortunate part is no one has proven that you can win a title with a two point-guard system, and adding in Exum with Carter-Williams wouldn’t exactly give you a back-court of efficient shooters.

Draft Express projects Exum to go at the sixth spot where the Boston Celtics will select him, and it’s hard to imagine that they would move that pick to their divisional rival. The Bucks also seem pretty enamored with him, so they could look to trade back into the top ten to take Exum with their second pick, or trade down to select him at a spot they like. So, the Sixers can do their homework on Exum, which they should, but him ending up in Philly is a long-shot.

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