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Jayson Stark on trade-values of Utley, Rollins, Lee, Papelbon, Burnett & More!

On this evening’s episode of The Jayson Stark Show on 97.5 the Fanatic, ESPN Senior Baseball writer Jayson Stark broke down the trade values of just about every Phillie on the roster. Hint: It wasn’t pretty.

  • Chase Utley-While Joel Sherman of the New York Post called Utley the ‘prize of the trade-deadline’ , Stark sounded skeptical at best of the chances that Utley gets moved. Stark believes that the Phillies will listen to offers for anyone, but would need ‘the type of trade that you build a team around’ to move Utley. Stark also mentioned that with Utley’s ten and five rights, he thinks he would only accept a trade to his home state of California, and mentioned the Giants, A’s and Dodgers specifically.
  • Cliff Lee-Lee’s contract might have prevented him from being moved anyway, but given the fact that Lee is guaranteed more than $50 million over the next two and a half years, and hasn’t even started throwing again, his trade-value is dead for the time being. I will continue to say that Lee could be moved in August, if he gets healthy, as part of a waiver-trade.
  • Jimmy Rollins-Like Utley, Stark thinks that Rollins may only be open to a trade to the west-coast. The problem? Stark believes that the Mariners are the only team of the left coast that would have any interest in Rollins, and doesn’t expect Rollins to waive his ten and five rights to join a team that currently leads the second wild-card, but isn’t considered a World Series favorite.
  • Jonathan Papelbon-Stark said that he talked to numerous team executives, and found one executive that felt that if the Phillies picked up a decent percentage of Papelbon’s salary, his team would have interest. According to Stark, the rest of the executives were amazed at how well Papelbon has pitched this year (13 saves in 14 opportunities and a 1.54 ERA), considering that he doesn’t throw as hard as he once did. Stark made it seem like most team’s around the MLB think Papelbon’s season has been a fluke thus far. If you want to go with that angle, it’s fair to point out that Papelbon did convert on 13 of his first 14 save opportunities last year, before eventually imploding and leading the National League with seven blown saves.
  • A.J. Burnett-Yesterday, the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo said that a scout believed Burnett was ‘untradeable’ currently. Obviously Burnett could get hot prior to the trade-deadline, but Stark believes that with Burnett’s partial no-trade clause and $7.5 million player-option for 2015, he is going to control any move that is made, if he is moved at all.
  • Mike Adams-Stark added Adams to the list of Carlos Ruiz and Ryan Howard as absolutely untradeable pieces that the Phillies have, after he was placed on the disabled list this weekend with right rotator cuff inflammation. As his co-host Pat Gallen pointed out, it’s a shame that Adams got hurt because he was pitching very well. Fortunately for the Phillies, his trade-value being dead doesn’t really matter, because he will become a free-agent this off-season, so the Phillies aren’t really stuck with his deal like the other two.

You can listen to the full episode of the show here.

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