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Chad Ford: Sixers could trade number three overall pick

Most people viewed landing a lottery pick in this year’s loaded draft as a franchise victory, that most team’s wouldn’t be willing to even discuss trading. According to ESPN’s Chad Ford (insider only), the fact that so many teams would like to get into the top five this season, actually has more teams in the top five willing to discuss trading their pick than usual.

Multiple league sources say that there are a surprising number of top picks for “sale” this year. “I thought getting a lottery pick via trade would be virtually impossible this year,” one NBA GM told Insider. “It’s not. There are a lot of teams in the lottery right now that would prefer a proven player. A lot of owners have lost their patience with the rebuilding process.

Judging off of the ‘alot of owners have lost their patience with the rebuilding process’ part, I would tend to think that the Sixers aren’t one of the teams looking to move out of the top five. As I said yesterday, amid reports that the Sixers might have contacted the Cavaliers about the number one pick, teams are doing all of their due-diligence around this time of year. They are going to listen on phone calls to move down, and they are going to make phone calls to see if they couldn’t move up, to gauge what path is best for the future of the franchise. In the end, most teams will elect to stay put at their original draft slot.

However, Ford doesn’t rule out the idea that the Sixers could move out of the top five.

Among the teams that would be open to trading their lottery pick? It’s highly likely that the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz are all holding onto their picks.

Tell me something that I don’t know. Seriously, saying that the teams picking two through five, in a draft that could land them a serious return in a trade, might trade their picks isn’t exactly breaking news. It is news worthy to say a team or two might move out of the top five, but when you list every team picking in the top five–with the exception of the one who owns the number one pick–as potential trade candidates, you really water down your report. That certainly isn’t analysis that anyone with common sense needs to pay $8.95 a month for.

There are 23 days until the draft, so expect to hear the Sixers name tossed around in terms of moving up and down in the draft, quite frequently, largely because everyone knows that they didn’t tank to get the number three pick. So far, I haven’t heard anything that makes me think that Adam Silver won’t be announcing the Sixers at the number three selection on June 26th.

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